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Oh, PA Kasumu! Colleagues Cried, I Wept! (2 Years After) ~Omonaijablog

I could not control my emotions. I wept. I saw Alhaji Yinka Quadri weeping. Kayode Salako, husband to Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola wept! The atmosphere was moody. 

His situation almost turned the supposed veterans award event to a funeral-like. He was being assisted by two able-bodied adults to do almost everything.

I saw him whispering to those men to take him to a convenience room. They held him high up in the shoulder, making a step per five seconds move to wee.

He could not stand, walk, eat or perform any activity all by himself. PA Kasumu, our once bubbling, tobacco pipe snuffing, baritone voice Nollywood actor is now a shadow of himself. 

We were together for hours during the event launched by Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola Salako for the old and neglected Nollywood veterans days ago. 

Kayode Odumosu aka PA Kasumu, who has been battling with acute stroke sat uncomfortably. I seek for a section with him and I realized he could not coordinate a lengthy talk.

He was given food, (which of course I know he would have been fed if not for being in public sphere), but pathetically, PA Kasumu could not lift his hands to the mouth to feed himself! 

Oh Pa Kasumu! I wept! He spent minutes before he could lift a spoonful of rice to his mouth. He could not raise a cup to drink water and no one could help because it was in the public.

See the link to a video I did about him at the event... 

Kasumu can't express himself again! He only signal and gesticulate now, Pa Kasumu is terribly sick!

As I raised my phone gadget to record a video of him at the event I was weeping. Weeping because of a man who is still alive but could not enjoy the benefits of being alive again. His colleagues, mostly among the Yoruba Nollywood sector were all doing their best to raise whatever they could for him and even openly soliciting for assistants for him but, he needs more than this. 

He needs quick response, our prayers and love because we can't afford to say rest in peace to him now. 

First published by Shaba Gbenga in 2019.

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