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Christmassing While Single: The Showmax Guide ~Omonaijablog

No lies, being single during Christmas is almost as bad as being alone on Valentine’s Day. There is so much love in the air that it can get quite lonely if you have no one or partner to share it with. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. Being single means you have more time to spend with friends and family and a chance to enjoy your own company.

However, if that isn’t enough, here are five tips to help you enjoy Christmas a little better:

1. Go concert hopping: Several concerts are happening in the major cities across Nigeria. Find available friends and go to a bunch of them every day. The time will fly between screaming the lyrics to your favourite songs and sleeping all day to get ready for the next all-night concert.

2. Submerge yourself in other people’s realities: This may sound creepy, but it’s easier than it seems. Something as simple as playing alternate reality games or watching a reality series on Showmax will do just that. If you have a powerful imagination, you can even spend time just daydreaming about something that would make you happy.

3. Learn a fun hobby: This goes without saying. Discovering something new that you excel at has a way of making you feel great about yourself. You could learn anything from knitting to learning how to dance. As long as doing it makes you feel light, then you’ve achieved your goal.

4. Binge-watch your favourite series: This is a simple solution to having a bad day at any time of the year, and it still works wonders during cheesy periods like Christmas. Embrace the new reality of a fantasy-induced world like ‘Westeros’ in Game of Thrones or the superhero feeling of being a doctor in Chicago Med. Or better still, just enjoy several episodes laughing out loud with shows like Ghana Jollof and films like War with Grandpa. Whatever you do, make sure the shows you find on Showmax keep you from hating on the many happy couples you are bound to run into on the streets of social media.

5. Read a new book: This is almost similar to escaping into someone else’s reality. A great book will help you forget that there’s something more than the scene and characters you are seeing in your head as you read. It will fill you with love, sadness, joy, anger, vengeance, or any other thing the writer wants you to experience. A tip? Embrace the book and all it entails. Eventually, being alone on Christmas will begin to look like the most trivial thing in the world.

If all else fails, it may just be time to ‘masturdate’. This is a period where you treat yourself as though you’re in a relationship with yourself. You should go out on dates by yourself. Or cuddle in a blanket with some wine and chocolate while you watch a rom-com on Showmax, go on walks alone and basically get to know yourself more.

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