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Bello Matawalle Abandons Zamfara Again For The Immunisation Of His Baby In The United States Of America

By Ibrahim Madugu

It was in October that Governor Bello Matawalle returned to Nigeria after spending weeks in the United States of America where one of his wives gave birth to a baby. It is disheartening that Governor Matawalle is out of the country again in less than two months for the routine immunization of the same baby in the U.S. We understand that he would proceed to Dubai as part of the usual cover up.

During the first trip, Governor Matawalle left Zamfara state locked from the conscription order that closed markets and suspended communication services in Zamfara State. He was away when bandits killed the father of the Speaker of the House of Assembly who was expected to be acting as Governor considering the rift between Bello Matawalle and his Deputy who refused to join his escapade of decamping from PDP to APC.

Since his return, the major thing he conducted was the parallel APC Congress for his political camp that came with a lot of controversies. After the congress, Matawalle promised that telecommunication services would be restored in the remaining 13 Local Governments of the State by 29th November, 2021. 

Unfortunately, as at the time of his trip on 4th December, 2021, the network was not returned. Observers believe that Governor Matawalle was afraid of returning the network because of the anger that may come from the people his action deprived for three months without any benefit to show. Recall that Bello Matawalle promised to stay in Zamfara for the period of telecommunication suspension but did not stay for a week when he embarked on the first trip.

One of the major problems of Bello Matawalle’s trip was lack of clarity on who is acting in his absence as required by the constitution and good judgment. One expects Matawalle to learn this good practice from President Muhammadu Buhari who always was clear about transferring the acting role to the Vice President when he travels. As citizens, we will be glad to know the purpose of Bello Matawalle’s trip so we can evaluate and wish him well where it is for good or challenge him when it is a jamboree.

Zamfara is one state seriously ravaged by insecurity. It is expected for the person leading the state to be most focused. Governor Zulum of Borno State is a good example of how this kind of focus helps security situation and public life in general. On the other hand, Bello Muhammad Matawalle is the worse example of this kind of focus from the way he leaves the fragile state bleeding with lives and property lost daily. 

It is just sad that Governor Matawalle is jetting out of the country again for the immunization of his child in the United States when all the schools in the state have been closed since the beginning of academic calendar in September because of the insecurity.

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