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Chairman Ojodu Lcda, Hon. David Olusegun Odunmbaku Adresses Stakeholders’ Forum Towards 2022 Budget Preparation Appropriation Bill ~Omonaijablog

All Protocols duly observed 

Let me begin by thanking the people of OJODU LCDA for your support during the Local Government Election held few months back. Honestly, your support and understanding have been tremendous and remarkable during that period. 

With this forum, we have commenced the Budget Cycle for 2022 and we need to align ourselves with the people to be sure that their needs are catered for. 

In addition, we want to obtain inputs, contributions, and suggestions from stakeholders on the 2022 Budget process to promote citizen participation in the budget preparation. 

In terms of performance, as of June 2021, we are at about 50% Budget Performance, we intend to keep it that way and drive it up as we move towards the end of the year. 

Nevertheless, we will continue to drive towards achieving our set target. Also, we are paying a lot of attention to Youth Development, Technology, and Infrastructures to build up economic activity and to get hope back to our people. 

Over time, the need to prioritize inclusive governance for proper decision-making is important. 
This forum affords an avenue to update stakeholders on the Half-Year Performance of the Budget, the resources available for the Fiscal Budget taking into cognizance all Macro-Economic Variables such as the price of oil, inflation, interest rate, and effects of Covid-19 pandemic on the economy. 

Most importantly, this forum provides us with the opportunity to share ideas geared towards a “BETTER OJODU” and to ensure that desired interests are captured in the Budget as resource availability permits. 
Lagos State is working towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) known as the Global Goals which were adopted by the United Nation in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty and this administration is working towards achieving this through our Agenda, tagged: HEYS. This represents Health, Education, Youth & Women Development, and Social Infrastructure. 

I want to appreciate all the taxpayers so far for your commitments which have birthed the following projects and activities within a few months of the inception of our administration

1. The provision of solar energy at our Primary Health Centers would reduce the running cost and overdependence on the national grid, and at the same time increase service delivery to the communities.
2. Soliciting for more Doctors, Nurses, and other medical officers (from the state government) to facilitate 24 hours services at our PHCs
3. Renovation of Apata Primary Health Center
4. COVID-19 vaccination at designated PHCs within the LCDA
5. Provision of Medical Checkups as part of 100day celebration 

1. Organized the Year 2021 Preliminary Spelling Bee Competition among our pupils
2. Distribution of school bags and learning aids/materials to students
3. Distribution of 150 GCE Forms to students, which the administration intends to double the numbers by next year.
4. Giving out JAMB Forms to students before the end of the year.
5. Renovation of schools in the LCDA in conjunction with SUBEB
6. Provision of welfare packages for the Head Teachers in our Primary schools

1. Training and retraining of youth on ICT, vocational skill, entrepreneurship, etc. to adapt to 21st Century trends 
2. Empowering the youth by creating jobs, seminars, vocational entrepreneurial skills, and working tools.
3. Assisting out-of-secondary-school students on re-writing of examination and vocational training to become useful and productive in the society
4. Empowering women to be self-reliant through financial aids and moral support.
5. Financial aid to motherless babies homes 

1. Unveiling and Commissioning of Ojodu LCDA Legislative Chamber at the Council Secretariat

2. Rehabilitation of Modupe to Secretariat Road

3. Drainage Repairs and Road Construction at Muyibi Street

4. Repair of Drainage and Road Rehabilitation at Shonola Street

5. Repair of Drainage and Road Rehabilitation at Oyatogun Street

6. Provision of Welfare packages and Patrol Vans to Police Divisions – Ogba, Ojodu, and Pen Cinema; while soliciting for additional supports from the general public in terms of office equipment, furniture, and gadgets as the government might be incapable of shouldering the teeming needs of the security outfits.

7. Provision of Parasols and other aids to market men and women

8. Provision of cash gifts and palliatives to the elderly

9. Provision of cash gifts to the widows
10.Provision of cash gifts to the less privileged 

The above achievements are testimonies to our relentless efforts towards achieving the HEYS agenda that was presented in ‘DOS manifesto – agenda for better Ojodu’. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we are persistent in ensuring that our dear LCDA remains a formidable point of reference in terms of grassroots growth and development.

As we all know that a developed society provides individuals with control over their own destiny by widening their horizons and reducing isolation from the environment and the outside world at large, today, we are afforded such opportunity.

Therefore, while this gathering is meant for deliberations on the growth and development of our dear LCDA, I implore you to be vocal concerning your needs and priorities as we prepare the Year 2022 fiscal plan.

Once again you are welcome to Ojodu. 

Hon. David Olusegun Odunmbaku 
Executive Chairman 
Ojodu LCDA

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