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SCOAN Crisis: With All The Lies Flying Around, Its Time For 'A Good Christian To Be A Good Reporter' ~Emmanuel TV Partners Wades In ~Omonaijablog

Network of Emmanuel TV Partners represented by Barrister Charles Mbakop, has waded into the crisis currently engulfing the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, SCOAN.
The group of partners in an exclusive memo sent to our news medium revealed that at exactly four months since popular Televangelist Prophet TB Joshua, the man in the Synagogue died, majority of the SCOAN members, partners and followers all over the world, were all expecting that his ministry will become more powerful than ever before but, little did one know that the devil’s determination to destroy the legacy of the prophet barely few months after his demise will surface.

Barrister Charles Mbakop who represented the group said; "While the world is still coming to terms with the loss of this great man of God, social media are inundated with heart-breaking allegations in videos and voice-over, that to date have neither been refuted nor confirmed by the church.  All Christians out there would want to know the main reason behind such fearless cabals, which to date, have done more harm than good to the church.  
The world has seen the disciples of the prophet being humiliated, called names and chased out of the church. In the same vein, it is no news that some prophets and prophetesses have allegedly been indicted for theft, money laundering and murder.  Moreover, some videos and articles in circulation are strongly asserting that some prophets and prophetesses are currently handcuffed within the church’s premises."
Saying; "It is time to stop entertaining all forms of blatant lies in circulation on social media." While noting that there's absolutely no better time for 'a good Christian to be a good reporter' than now!

The group said; "To the viewers all over the world, it is time to put an end to this ungodly saga by exploring the build up to the challenging situation that is currently shacking the faith of SCOAN members, partners and followers all over the world, “…watch and pray…”

On that prophet’s interview on the future of the SCOAN, Barrister Mbakop said; "One of the rare, last, and probably the most important interview on the future of the SCOAN with the prophet has been widely circulated on Emmanuel TV, newspapers and social platforms. As the prophet put it, Spiritual power is bestowed by Jesus Christ Himself and not TB Joshua. Prophet Joshua would have loved his wife to be as anointed as him and to play a leading role at the SCOAN but, as he said, only Jesus anoints and not him!  And
on whom should take over from him as the leader, the prophet was clear that there are five Prophets who have already taken over from him."

On the church’s Board of Trustees (BoT) Barrister Mbakop maintained that;
"Initially, the church’s BoT consisted of four members and one secretary: Prophet TB Joshua (as the chairperson), Mrs Evelyn Joshua, Evangelist Joseph David and Miss Promise Joshua. For reasons only known to God and the Prophet, Mrs Evelyn Joshua was booted out of the BoT in November 2020.  The question one is tempted to ask is: Why was Mrs Evelyn Joshua removed by the prophet from the BoT?"
While going through the Genesis of the crisis that is currently swallowing the ministry, the group said; "The devil started the saga just a day after the prophet’s thanksgiving service. 
The very day the prophet passed on, Mrs Evelyn Joshua automatically requested all workers of the SCOAN to start reporting to her onward, a role she never assumed when the Prophet was alive."

He said; "Mrs Evelyn Joshua summoned the remaining trustees to a meeting and requested to be added as a trustee with her first daughter, although the church constitution clearly stipulates that the office of the General Overseer of the SCOAN must be led by someone who is a spiritual head."

"One of the trustees advised that some Evangelists, Prophets or Prophetesses should be considered as well in order to maintain the spiritual stance of the church."

"A series of meetings followed but to no avail. It was clear that the way forward was to go against the BoT’s constitution and appoint Mrs Evelyn Joshua and first daughter as additional trustees, notwithstanding the opposition of one of the trustees."

"Since Mrs Evelyn Joshua was never involved in spiritual matters of the church as confirmed by the prophet during his last interview, the trustee was of the view that Mrs Evelyn Joshua should instead focus on the powerful charity arm of the church;
Mrs Evelyn Joshua remained adamant that she must take the full reign of the church administratively and spiritually. She eventually started assuming that role and turned all the workers of the church against the Prophets, Prophetesses, Evangelists and Disciples, who were looking forward to working with her as the mother of the house."

"The workers and security at the church started mistreating, disrespecting and humiliating the Prophets, Prophetesses, Evangelists and Disciples, scrutinizing on all their ins and outs and even threatening to beat them up."

"At some point, the Prophets, Prophetesses and Evangelists tried to approach Mrs Evelyn Joshua to find a common ground and maintain peace, love and continuity in the affairs of the church. The move was rejected by Mrs Evelyn Joshua who insisted that there is no more room for negotiation."

"All the Prophets, Prophetesses, Evangelists and Disciples were instructed to come together and have a joined written agreement proclaiming Mrs Evelyn Joshua as the General Overseer of the SCOAN; 
Since they were opposed to such instruction, threats started materialising against the disciples, with the implementation of a ‘divide and rule’ method."

"The prayer mountain was the place where the prophet was residing with all his junior prophets and some of the evangelists; 
On the 9th of September, the prayer mountain was invaded by the police. They evicted the prophets, prophetesses, evangelists and disciples manu-military, including prayer warriors, collected everybody’s handset, assaulted some of them, took over the studio, collected all the passwords and dropped these disciples at the church’s gallery. They were requested to join a handful of members staged at the church, for Mrs Evelyn Joshua to be introduced as the new trustee, and subsequently the chairperson of the BoT and General Overseer of the SCOAN."

"Thereafter, local disciples were requested to vacate the SCOAN premises while prophets, prophetesses and some evangelists were sequestrated at the church.
A seemingly commissioned group of church members recorded local disciples and humiliated them with live streaming on social media, throwing insults at them, calling them thieves and witches."

"A group of Prophets, Prophetesses, Evangelists and Disciples were invited to appear before the EFCC to respond on cases of theft and money laundering.
The Nigerian immigration department was further requested by Miss Promise Joshua, one of the two members of the BoT, to cancel the permit of all foreign national prophets, prophetesses, evangelists and disciples and repatriate them back to their respective countries of origin as, according to her, the church no longer required their services."

"Miss Promise Joshua’s petition to see international disciples out of Nigeria was countered by the BoT member, Evangelist Joseph David who urgently had to travel to the immigration headquarters in Abuja to stop the disgrace launched against his international peers."
"Evangelist Joseph’s absence from the SCOAN premises that day, has been painted as an abscondment with a huge amount of money, yet he was busy countering the planned action against his international peers in Abuja."
"Some local prophets, prophetesses, evangelists and disciples were requested to go back to their respective homes until further notice. They are thus moving freely in the country, in contrast of the erroneous information portrayed on social media that they have been arrested and handcuffed."

On the issue of the church’s fitness and nutrition professional from Thailand who was found dead in his room, Barrister Mbakop said; "The result of the autopsy is available and would reveal no foul play, although Mrs Evelyn Joshua and her children tried to use the DPO of the Ikotun division to establish a criminal case against the disciples."

"All these malpractices caused a lot of concerns amongst the prophets, prophetesses, evangelists and disciples who now feel the absence of their father in the Lord more than ever before."

"Mrs Evelyn Joshua was appointed as a trustee of the SCOAN, without the consent of all members, and therefore in violation of the BoT’s constitution, and by misrepresenting existing BoT members before the judge. This action therefore suggests that a good Christian must be a good citizen or how can one partake in breaking the law through ill-advise and attain ascension of such a powerful commission as the SCOAN?"
The group maintained that the forceful and illegal establishment of Mrs Evelyn Joshua as the leader of SCOAN followed by the immediate indictment of the 20 prophets, prophetesses, evangelists and disciples for financial crimes, show that they are being wrongfully prosecuted, persecuted, and sequestrated.

Saying; this strengthens the argument that the EFCC indictment against the disciples were crafted purposefully to implement the ‘divide and rule’ strategy and that the lesson learnt from the prophet throughout the years as well as his 'watch and pray' instruction intimate all followers to leave all these trickeries happening at the SCOAN to God. 

This is a test of time. The truth will always prevail. Division, offense, hatred and hanger have no place at the Synagogue as Daddy prophet Joshua lived for love.
The magnitude of lies being spread against the prophets, prophetesses, evangelists and disciples is very concerning and truth ought to be told in protection of the poor children that have dedicated all their lives to serve God under the guidance of the prophet and praying for the followers all over the world. 

Barrister Mbakop said Prophet TB Joshua would have through Jesus in the midst of all these leave all for God to handle because this is a spiritual warfare! 
"All disciples are powerful men and women of God on their own right having worked closely with daddy.  Mrs Evelyn Joshua is spiritually powerful on her own right, having been with daddy over the years! All of them can, depending on God’s will take any direction and become successful ministers throughout the world. These would, of course be the extensions of Prophet TB Joshua’s legacy all over the world."

"But the real challenge would be the manner in which they are being booted out of SCOAN and the dilemma that would surround them between continuing with daddy’s legacy as per his instructions or moving solo? 

What harm would that cause to the current commission that is seemingly being highjacked by vultures giving ill-advice to Mrs Evelyn Joshua?  
That’s the most concerning part of this crisis."

He said; "Concerned viewers all over the world pray the Lord that unity prevails, and that Mrs Evelyn Joshua and others come to their senses and initiate reconciliation. The family and the prophets, prophetesses, evangelists and disciples must come together and find a long-lasting solution to this crisis. In fact, they all cannot inherit this great commission on a silver platter. They must go through and endure this journey with humility and steadfastness."
"That would really measure their level of devotion to Jesus and the prophet’s legacy. Spirituality is not a matter of family status, but the absolute will of God. Only God anoints and not man. Don’t be fooled by anybody! The devil is out there roaring and seeking to strike.

Therefore, it is a common interest to see the church protected from any form of corruption and maintaining the prophet’s legacy, whether led by Mrs Evelyn Joshua or not."

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  John 8: 32
“Those who err in mind will know the truth, and those who criticize and murmur discontentedly will accept instruction” Isaiah 29: 24."

Barrister Charles Mbakop said.

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