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We won't bother with opening pleasantries as none of you had demonstrated an interest in a cordial or sincere engagement in resolving the scandalous issue that has lingered from 2012, claiming the life of your niece, Nnenna after that of her husband, Bob. For how long will you cover your sister, Obiageli (since you now absolve yourselves of known roles), as she continues to waste young lives?

     You, Obiageli's siblings all know as we learnt from Bob, that she has a bad drinking habit which her late daughter, Nnenna picked from her and we can only pray she has not passed it on to one or all Bob's three children. Househelps testify to how she applauded her incestuous son, Odi who often raped them and his own step-sister. What a toxic environment to raise children! Bob was a fatal victim of your disgraceful sister and colossal failure of a parent. We know that justice will eventually be served but want to give you a chance to play your necessary part for a timely rescue of the children so that one noble gesture may be credited to the sons and daughters of the late Igwe Eugene Onyelu of Achi.
     Each of you has been a plague in the lives of all your close associates (including responsible spouses). We thank God for the lucky few who survived your toxic contact. Your only deserving and compatible ally is the lawless lawyer, Ambrose Maduabuchi who calls himself Oba, the SAN. We want to let you know that he is an Achi local champion. Himself, Obiageli (your sister) and their other four children (Adanna, Odi, Uchenna and Emeka) should learn to manage their congenital condition and not continue to spread it around. Our interest having already lost dear Bob to your sister's deadly blackmail, is to save his three children whose birth records indicate they are negative. 
    Fr? Remigius while on exile in Canada, arranged a sham wedding between his HIV+ niece and an innocent young man. He claims he was not at the 2008 event as a Priest but he did return in 2017 to celebrate a clandestine 30th ordination anniversary at Achi. We wonder if Bishop Calistus Onaga and other prominent Priests of Enugu Catholic Diocese knew about the illegality or they deliberately chose to look the other way. The "Priest," Remigius Onyelu challenges us to go to court to resolve the matter. All we however seek is access for the Elobuike family to the three children (which their father, Bob was denied, from 2012 until death in 2016). Remigius Onyelu through another controversial "Priest" (Lambert Agba) said to have relocated to Germany, contracted the wedding at St. Michael's Catholic Church, Asata, Enugu and waited to say the couple's requiems in 2016 and 2020 respectively. That's all he admits he owes them as a priest who witnessed their wedding. Well, as nothing is hidden under the sun and truth ultimately prevails, Fr. Onyelu's confessed requiems cannot suppress justice. We know Remigius Onyelu is not in Canada as a Priest, Google does not also recognise him as a Priest but a scammer. Why has the Catholic Diocese of Enugu allowed him to function as one and wreak havoc among faithful? 

Just like Remigius, Evelyn Onyelu (the estranged wife of Dr. Obiora) has an obligation to undo what she did which has jeopardised the future of the three innocent children of Bob with Nnenna. Evelyn demanded a huge sum and was so paid by Bob to provide catering services at the December 20, 2008 wedding. She however turned out to be a de facto hostess, serving only her personal guests in a reserved space at the wedding reception venue. Same Evelyn who is a daughter (nwa ada) of Igbo land at almost 70 years of age, publicly declared that she made mourning clothes for her sister's daughter (Nnenna, Bob's wife) and the three children ahead of Bob's burial plans. Evelyn, an Onyelu by birth (not even Maduabuchi) had an exclusive funeral plan for her niece's late husband! Evelyn it was, who also stated that Nnenna's body would be interred at Achi while plantain stems would later be stuffed into a casket for a ceremonial burial at Eke. Whatever Ambrose did to his late daughter, Evelyn has by her utterances and actions, proven to be an accomplice and cannot escape the repercussions of that and other atrocities she has been committing.
ONYELU n' Achi .... 
What a family! Okey, after all the adventure (including fatal) with ESUT freshers in the 80s and 90s, ended up with no higher education. Can't you people see that the evil you did is living with you. From Evelyn to Ifechukwu ... your life stories are pathetic and well known. God has because of Okey's unfortunate wife, pitied and granted him an undeserved father status yet he continues to aid his wicked dunce of a sister, Obiageli in her criminal ways. 

Dear Okey Onyelu, note that we are real friends of Bob who cannot be bought over like Shinkaffi. You want identities you can forward to Oba for settlement as usual? We are everywhere and not a hungry bunch. We are united in seeking justice so that Bob's fate may not befall us. Oba, your fake inlaw and hero should first build a home where he can co-habit with your deranged sister you call his wife. He should also attempt to travel outside Nigeria and get exposure for the social status he craves. YOU (Okey Onyelu) more than us, need the characteristic and pathetic settlement by Oba to support your miserable business and you stand a chance to win that favour by offering him candid advice. Save what is left of him from your irredeemable sister. You may also by that, salvage your own "very good" reputation.
     While little (though negative, such as his assistance in bailing your Rev. Fr. brother) is known about Oba Maduabuchi, the outcry of the Elobuike family caused us to investigate his partner's background but only on mentioning ONYELU as the maiden name of Oba's wife, we were told and understood that she is the real problem. 
The matter would not have been so exposed if your wicked, clever-by-half sister had repented after the deaths of Bob and her daughter, Nnenna and allowed the Elobuike family, access to their legitimate children as they have been requesting. Rest assured though that the story will continue to spread wider even as it gets clearer that the Onyelus are the remote abductors of the children. After all, an associate of Oba did say that the development is a positive sign that "Oba who was hardly aware he had children, has now grown to show interest in his grandchildren." 

We however oppose the sacrifice of the three innocent children for the SAN's rehabilitation. Bob's children should be returned to their grandfather, Chief J.C.P. Elobuike in Enugu without further delay.

We are #FriendsOfBob 
We demand #JUSTICE4BOB 

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