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'My family are my first fans'- Mighty Rojah

Oluwasegun  Rapheal Arojah popularly known as Mr. Gomina by his teeming fans is one of the few singers making great waves in the music industry. The handsome and very creative singer has brought lot innovations to his brand of his music.

In this interview, the multiple award winning singer took us in to his music background and the impact he has infused in to music. Excerpt.   

Your journey to music how does it started?

I started playing music at very tender age, the gift started when I was very young; I also listened to lot of musicians then.  I was looking up to  one musician known as Segun Ben Jackson, is late now, may God rest his soul. I love his style of music and developed a lot from him.

I later changed to my own style of wooro music, wooro miusic has no keyboard then, it was only akuba that they played with it.

I infused keyboard and string to my style of wooro and I gave it new face. 

My innovation made lot of people to embrace it, and anytime they played such style, people will attribute it to Arojah, they will say that is Arojah music.

What were your parent’s reactions when you started?

My mother was a choir member; she is a very good composer with very sonorous voice.

 I got lot of supports from my parents since the inception. My mummy loves my music so much, I could recollect vividly when my mummy listened to my music first time on radio, she busted n to tears of joy, she was very happy to listen to her son music on radio. 

I must tell you that my family are my first fans. They all love my music.



How did you come about your stage name?

I got my stage name when I went to perform at a show when lot of artistes performed and people discovered that I was small than my music and they nicknamed me Small but mighty,  I decided to add to my name, some of my fans called me Mighty Rojah Master {MRM} while other called me Mr. Governor due to my versatility .

How many albums to your credit?

I have released lot of albums and also have many collaborations with other artistes. Some of my albums are: Angeeli mi, Baba nla mejila and others.   

I have taken my music to many Africa countries like Egypt and this gave me lot experiences and exposures.

What is your message to your fans?

My message to my fans across the world is that I do really appreciate the love they have for me, may God continue to bless them, and without them there would be no Rojah Mighty. I love you all.

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