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Of YAYI, the warped 'Ekiti-farcade' and Ogun West ~Omonaijablog

By; Omooba Damilare Oloyede

Senator YAYI.

To start with, let me state it clearly that no one from Ogun West was more critical about the ancestral lineage of Senator Yayi, than I did in the past, I repeat, no one!

There were some people who joined at the sideline, but events over time showed they cashed in on the probe I started.

It is good to ask questions, and getting answers to form an opinion or decision; this in my opinion and understanding should be the sole aim of any probing, not blackmail, or denigeration in whatever guise.
The questions I was asking then, made afforded me the opportunity to have serious interactions with many Yewa political leaders. And none of them, despite allowing their followers to spew gibberish about Senator YAYI was able to come out OPENLY to say Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola YAYI is not from Ogun West, ditto Ogun State but their handwriting was very obvious through the purveyors of unsubstantiated claims.

In case you didn't read the last paragraph well, I mean, no NOTABLE LEADER, POLITICAL JUGGERNAUT or PERSON OF HIGH ESTEEM has ever called out Senator YAYI in the Public, they won't, because they know the truth, just that some wicked ones out of political inferiority will continue to lie to their social e-rats.
Around 2016 and 2017, we asked questions, i was at the forefront of the probes in a vociferous and verbally violent manner just to be sure, where is Senator YAYI from and rather than get facts from "our so called leaders", they lied to us and when we remain unconvinced, their  chorus changed to "is he the only one? Don't we have home based politicians" and many other gibberish, that were bone out of enemity and inferiority complex.
Did we not believe them, we did initially, sad! Why won't you believe? But like the Bible said, in 1Cor 13:11(I won't quote it here, find it to read), we know better now! 

There are two known political faces in Yewaland who told me many lies, I can't name them, I won't but as they read this piece, they sure known themselves. They are quick to say he is not from here, but when asked, where is he from, they go mute.

I've traversed Ogun West, particularly Yewa land, I even went to Pahayi to inquire about "Who is YAYI?", up till this moment, no one ever denied YAYI, of a truth, my visit to Pahayi, was what caused me to have a break, and later concluded with facts that YAYI is our own, bad politics shouldn't get us to destroy our own. 

Thank God I now know better, and no one can fool us again.

We even need to ask, who are you to assert someone is not from one place? If the traditional rulers, community leaders, leaders of thought and eminent citizens are proud to come out and say, "we know him, he has only spent his time doing his trade in Lagos'", so who the f*uck are you?
The paternal and maternal spirit, deeds and soul of Senator YAYI are confirmed very rooted in Ogun State. A man whose credentials read state of origin as Ogun State over 30 years ago is someone you suddenly want to 'dash' Ekiti, just because you know you can't match his political standing and weight. Haba! Kilode?

Yewaland and Ogun west in general needs to rise above petty mudslinging if we want to be liberated politically. 

How long do we want to go this part? After serving in Lagos,  Hon. Segun Adekoya was not denied in Ijebu, not was Senator Babajide Omoworare denied in Osun West, why us?

I get pained of my age grades who still stick their necks to help spread these lies being told by their coward leaders. If your leaders can't tell it out that YAYI is not from Ogun west, why is he sending you to say so?

One thing I know is this, you can't fool us all the time. Time is up! With West2West, Irewolede s'Ogun West!

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