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Exclusive! How God Captured Popular Ibadan Notorious Gang 'Federal Boys' -Prophet Samiye

... Hiw they wrestled Nigerian Police for months.

... Prophet Samiye narrated how God caught them.

... I see them as Pastors, Engineers, Businessmen, Politicians, Police Officers, Soldiers, Lawyers and Doctors.

... "I won't stop fasting and praying until God called me like Prophet Samiye" -one of them vowed.

Have you heard of a popular notorious gangsters in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital called 'Federal Boys'?

This gang of young men ages between 17 and 33 years old were known for terrorizing Ibadan for years now. Few months ago, these band of young men faced the men of the Nigerian Police in a free-for-fight around Oremeji in Ibadan.

They were said to have wrestled the Nigerian Police with all manners of dangerous weapons and even snatched a gun from one of the policemen.

People avoid them because they were notable thugs and notorious fighters in Ibadan. You might have been hearing about them too but with.

Well, those were their past. These well know gang, 'Federal Boys' are now singing, praising and working for Jesus

By the glory and mercy of God they have now been converted to Jesus Boys! 
During a visit of to Ibadan over the weekend, we met the man of God behind their divine transformation. He is the General Overseer of Angel of Christ Gospel Church Ibadan, Prophet Samuel Samiye Olabode.

Prophet Olabode, popular known as 'Samiye' with his Church's headquarters in Oremeji, Ibadan, Oyo State has now adopted them.
While narrating how 'Federal Boys' met Jesus, the young and powerful Prophet said; "I've been hearing about them for some time. But when I heard that they operates primarily around my vicinity, I took it up as a challenge to hand them over to the Superior Being which is Jesus Christ."

"By the grace of God, I met them, preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to them and surprisingly, in one of our recent vigils, they all came and surrender their lives to Jesus."
Prophet Samiye said; now I don’t see them as killers, smokers, thugs, fighters and robbers but I see them as Pastors, Engineers, Businessmen, Politicians, Police Officers, Soldiers, Lawyers and Doctors. And so shall it be for them in Jesus Christ name because I was once a smoker like them before Jesus saved me and now that I am saved by mercy, I surrender myself to Jesus to use me to save them too."

"Another important thing in their lives right now is that, we didn't just preach to them. We have adopted them into the Church. The Ministry is now responsible for the welfare. We cloth them, feed them and also put shelter over them."

He said, all what he needed is that people should keep praying for the Ministry, as they still have many like that to preach to.
During our visit, we saw some of these young men who have already been enrolled to be an artisan. One of them has even refused to go home. He was seen in the Church fasting and praying to God to call him to be His minister just like He called Prophet Samiye.

Follow for an exclusive interview with Prophet Samiye very soon.

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  1. TheStar Aderonke Janet27 September 2021 at 06:16

    What God cannot do doesn't exist! More power and anointing my daddy Prophet Samiye

  2. God can do all things and can transform even the most henious criminals.