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Top Gospel Singer, Oba Ara, Reveals His Childhood Secret Omonaijablog

Gospel Artistes in Nigeria have often complained that the pulpit ministry is taking the shine off the singing ministry, which many have said would be the only relevant activity in heaven. In this interview  Doctor Rotimi Michael Onimole popularly known as Oba Ara, discusses his career and issues concerning gospel artistes in the country. Excerpts…

How did you begin your journey into music?

The journey began through a vision and a divine calling in the year 1996. God’s servant, Rev. Dr. Abereoje of the Christ Love Evangelistic Church, Biola, Ketu, Lagos, was instrumental to this.

I was an instrumentalist who had a passion for singing before the Lord fully took over me and since then, it has been from glory to glory.


Do you think gospel music has come of age in Nigeria?

Gospel music has come of age in Nigeria in the sense that many people choose it as a career and it has in a way changed the face of music in the country. Gospel music has inspired many  

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