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Why Otunba Ayodele Michael Is The Best Person To Be President of FTAN ~Omonaijablog

The annual general meeting and election of the Federation Of Tourism Associations Of Nigeria will be coming up on Thursday, 8th of July, 2021. The day is very significant for the prestigious association because a new president will be elected to take the lead and move FTAN Forward to its deserved height.

FTAN being an association with a strong leadership structure that has been existing over the years, there is need for a President with the required experience, antecedents and sagacity to emerge.

Among the aspirants, Otunba Ayodele Michael Olumoko is one person that stands out among many others due to his experience, his past records, his vast knowledge about the federation, tourism and the travel trade industry, and many more.

Otunba Ayodele Micheal has been in the industry for quite a number of years, and has been very active in serving the organization. Some of the capacities he has served include Vice President, FTAN South West, 2017 to Date, Fellow, Institute of Tourism Professional of Nigeria – FITPN, Set up FTAN State chapters in Ogun, Oyo, Osun and Ondo, 2020 to 2021, Expanded and still growing FTAN – government contact and relationship base in the South West , Member, FTAN Constitution drafting Committee -2017 – 2018, 2nd National Vice President, FTAN - 2015 - 2017   , Chair FTAN’s National Tourism Investment Forum & Exhibition, 2015 – 2016, Represented FTAN at Various platforms and events to reconcile and    reunite FTAN Member associations to the    Federation, Represented FTAN at ITB Berlin, Germany, 2014, Secretary, FTAN South West, 2006 -2010, Chairman FTAN- Lagos Chapter, 2007 to 2010 , His company, Infogem joined FTAN as an associate (now   affiliate) member in 1998.

Apart from the industry, his business/social cultural antecedents include Past Assistant Governor, Rotary  Club of Ikeja  -2018 to Date, Cultural Consultant to Oni of Ife, 2016 to Date, Fellow, Institute of Credit Administration. – 2016 to Date, Member, Institute of Directors, Nigeria – IoD, --2014 to Date, Chief Festival Consultant to UNESCO listed Osun Osogbo   Grove, 1999 to 2019, Assistant Governor, Rotary  Club of Opebi -2014 t0 2017, Concept/Inception Team, Nigeria Media Merit Award 1987 to 1991, Marketing Manager, Nigeria Music Award – 1987 to 1990 , Charter President Rotary Club of Opebi1985 to 1986.

If he eventually emerge as the President of FTAN, Some of the his plans for the association include

✨To initiate and replicate the successes of my tenure in FTAN   South West across other geo-political regions of the country

✨Support FTAN associations to have a spread across the states of the country

✨Ensure FTAN member associations are empowered within my tenure as president.

✨Activate at least two programs of events for each FTAN member association as well as support them to excel in their respective areas of focus.

✨Generate funding and initiate events and activities for FTAN’s sustainability and expansion.

✨Formalize and perfect all outstanding official and public sector documentation and regularization relating to FTAN at National and state levels

✨Engender a robust internal and external relationship with FTAN BOT, public sector institutions, and the larger Tourism and Travel trade industry and businesses.

 ✨Impact positively and differentially on FTAN’s corporate administration.

✨Expand FTAN’s reach and governmental relationship beyond the supervising ministry to other relevant ministries, agencies, departments and presidency as well multi and bilateral institutions.

✨Create and institutionalize mechanisms for partnerships and enduring relationships that will build stable human, technical, infrastructure, and financial capacities for FTAN, the Tourism Industry, and businesses across Nigeria.

No doubt, Otunba Ayodele Michael Olumoko is an aspirant with the required antecedents to become the President of FTAN, Therefore, He whom the cap fits should be allowed to wear it



🔥To ensure the relevance and involvement of FTAN in government policy discussion dialogue, plans and incentives at Federal and state levels.

🔥Make FTAN a ‘ must be involved’  Tourism sector association across all facets of government economic and socio-cultural agenda

🔥To reposition FTAN nationally within relevant government agencies and private institutions through sustainable strategies that will make the federation globally competitive to attract financial institution support and engagement.

🔥To internalize the relevance and involvement of FTAN with international Tourism and relevant sector organizations through promotion of Nigeria-wide inbound tourism patronage, capacity building, and international engagements. 

🔥 To make FTAN stronger in its capacity to deliver on core mandate to members, the industry, states and the nation.

🔥To ensure that the welfare of member associations and corporate members is put on the front burner and that this is maintained and uplifted.

🔥To ensure delivery of the benefits accruable to members and the industry.

🔥 To encourage, establish and develop capacity building across board and deepen the relationship with government and development institutions at all levels.

🔥           To work with relevant agencies to ensure that the right sectorial data are captured and appropriately attributed to Tourism.

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