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'What Makes Me Happy' - Nigerian artiste Ibadin expensive~ Omonaijablog

Promising Nigerian artiste Ibadin expensive says his ability to create happiness through his songs give him joy and will directly impact positive in the life’s of many, Recently this Auchi Polytechnic ND graduate in a chat with the media explain why he venture into the industry, his kind of music and other sundry issues about him and the industry, enjoy the chat...

How are you, can we meet you?
Yes you are welcome my name is Ibadin Expensive.

Tell us about yourself?
I went to Auchi polytechnic Auchi in Edo state, I studied computer science and graduated with OND in 2016.

How was your early life like?
I grow up as an ordinary child and manage to go through school it wasn’t easy but I had to survive.

How did you venture into the music industry?
Well music for me started in school I use to follow my friend to his studio sections to record and he started encouraging me to start making music with him and that was how it started we actually made a couple of songs together back then but I never took it serious until 2018 when I went to visit another friend of mine OHB and he had a studio in his house and he told me I could come and record for free and that was it.

Are you with any record label now?
I’m currently not in any record label but the journey has been great so far and I just hope for the best.

Are you consulting to join any record label soon?
I’m just getting started and I only hope and pray for the best.

Tell us the experience and journey so far in the industry?

I have always knew the journey won’t be easy but like I said earlier the journey has been great and I only hope and pray for the best.

Is government doing enough to encourage the upcoming artiste like you in the industry?

Well I think the government are doing their best and it all depends on us to work hard so we can achieve our goals.

Are you satisfied with the level of creativity in the industry?

Yes I am very satisfied with Nigeria music content and I believe with time our music will be everywhere.

Ok is the industry there yet?
Not yet but with time we’ll get there.

Which major artiste did you wish to work with in Nigeria?
I will say Wizkid, Davido, Burnaboy.

What of international level?
Internationally I will prefer Drake, young thug and future.

You did not tell us your marital status?
I’m single.

How do you relax?
I spend most times with myself and sometimes with friends and family.

Tell me the kind of friends or opposite sex you like to be with?
I will say different, simple and straightforward.

How will you best describe your kind of music?
I will describe my music as a unique sound a mixed of afro fusion and afro soul.
What is your unique selling point?
My vibes and flow. 

I just want it to develop and evolve in whatever direction it found.
Who and who among the top players in the music industry that inspired you?
Wizkid, burnaboy, popcaan and drake.  Fela, 2face, lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Rihanna. They really inspire me each time I listen to their music, they are geniuses.

Tell me some of others artiste song that keep you more inspiration aside your own music?
Diced pineapple by Rick Ross 
Mirror by Lil Wayne 
Blessings by Big Sean 
Ambition by Wale
Blue notes by meek mill 
Each time I listen to these songs it reminds me a lot about me.

Can we say you are born with music?
I have always been interested in music ever since I was very young.

What give you joy about the kind of music you sing?
The ability to create something that doesn’t exist into existence for people to play it and enjoy it is a thing of joy for me.
My music says a lot about me as a person, my experience, things going on around me, relationships, friends and so on.

Which project are you working on now?
I’m working on a project called Timeless but for now I will be droppings until is done.

Words for your fans out side there?
I just want to say a thank you to everyone supporting me out there and I promise never to let you down.

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  1. Remember to be humble always and your craft will build your nest.