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"Umeh Fall Back To Base, Ndi Anambra Have Spoken"- Dr Harris Chuma-Odili ~Omonaijablog

Recently, my good friend Sen Victor Umeh OFR, Ohamadike Ndigbo appeared hellbent, determined to revive ailing Ozonkpu Ike Oye's faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA. Amidst the political turbulence and niggling jiggling, bedbuging the ruling party in Anambra, Umeh has been pinned down by some invisibles to undo the do.

The APGA under Oye, literarily ogbonized the party, raised and dashed hopes, killed joy, cheeked the party faithfuls, and had the effrontery to complain. Las las, the unjust act is up with masturbatory consequences. The political tower of Babel has collapsed. And everyone has started speaking in foreign languages, strange voices bemoaning the scenery. 

I think at this point, ndi Anambra should send a strong message to Sen Victor Umeh OFR  that it would be more honorable to allow nature ride on it's course. Marathoning the Lagos TV stations trying so hard to mount pressure for the return of Oyepikin to the ballot, should be more of a courtroom business than the ongoing media propaganda, and patronizing the public bench.

Truth be told, Umeh is a Goodman, but one wonders why he elected to undertake a herculean task of defending the indefensible. My take is that Ohamadike should fall back to base and rest awhile! He seems not to understand the latest conversation. 
Jagaban Shinkafi, Ndi Anambra are demanding for a new dawn. Join the new order, and have your name written in gold. Disembark on this counter productive voyage. Take the next available flight and return to base. Motherland beckons on you to back off.

Umeh should come home to meditate on the new gospel according to ndi Anambra. The reverberating chant of freedom, the bold walk away from the politics of imposition, the end game of godfatherism. In few days, the streetscapes will be proactively engaged in the campaign for liberation, the profound move to return the voice back to the people. The public acclamation of truth, not falsehood, not deceit and bizarre behavior orchestrated to shutdown a people whose survival is already in dire straits.

Be awake to it.



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