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See Text of Acceptance Speech By Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo On His Emergence As The Governorship Candidate Of ADC ~Omonaijablog


It is important we understand the significant of today's events. Today in Anambra state, a party that is founded on truth, discipline, and a great hope that Nigeria will rise as a global nation, is taking root in Anambra state. 

My gratitude goes specially to my brother and a friend, Chief Okey Nwosu, Ikolo Awka. I am grateful to him for being tenacious in doing things that are right. From the time he was in APGA till today, he has been a founding member of ADC; he has sustained a character of focus and honesty. It is his deserved focus that has kept all of us here today. 

I thank my wife whose partnership with me has kept me a man, who does not lose his vision. I thank my children who have never for once in my entire life of fatherhood, kept me awake. They have maintained the dignity of the family wherever they work, wherever they stay. I am grateful to them. I am grateful to my grandchildren, who are growing with confidence that they will be part of a successful Nigeria.

I thank all of you here; you left your families and loved ones and other things that are important to you. I thank you for your Faithfulness. 
I thank my colleagues with whom I started this journey. When I started this journey there are people who never believed my name will appear on the ballot paper. Some didn't believe it because they felt I have no money, some didn't believe it because they felt I have no connection, and some didn't believe it because they believe they can steal it. Those who stole it in the first party I went to, will see they have stolen nothing.

I am very grateful to Dr. Harris Chuma, Ogene Igbo, Eze Ogbono, a brilliant man who stood by me and advocated our vision. I am grateful to many friends who alongside Harris have worked the road with me. 

I am grateful to my town Okija, they say Okija Enyi, Okija ana‐egbu achala, achala aneto. I am grateful to my Local Government, Ihiala, because it is this Local Government that will produce the next governor of Anambra state! 

I will make one promise today, to the people of Anambra state and the PROMISE is that by the special Grace of God, the most important thing in Anambra state will be the relationship between the Governor and the families of Anambra state. 

If you look at what is happening in Anambra state, our children are moving around as if there is nobody to protect them. No matter the level of madness being perpetuated in Nigeria, as a Governor, nobody will come to Anambra state and kill people of Anambra and go free under my watch! 
The security of lives and properties in Anambra state will be sacrosanct. Anybody, whatever you call yourself, who walks into Anambra state, and damage the properties of Anambra state or kill any child of Anambra state, will have me to contend with. I will chase you by air, by land and by all means available. 

Let me assure you that the type of madness you see in every election, where ‘big men with money’ trample on everybody will end with us. I assure you that we will stop that madness. 

So many good things are in Anambra state. We have good airport, we have roads; lots of things have been done by this government. We are going to build on it. We will bring back the resources of Anambra state. We will bring home the ‘big men’ in Anambra state. If I need to kneel before them, I will. if I need to plead with them, I will. Whatever it will take me to bring back the wealth of Anambra state, I will do that as the Governor. 

Today, Igbo people all over Nigeria move around with fear because they have nobody to protect them. I assure you that under this party we will build a Nigeria that will protect the pride of the Igbo people. We will respect our neighbours. We will not insult them because Igbo culture supports the brotherhood availed by neighbourliness. Ndi Igbo will say: ‘Agbata Obi Onye, bu Nwanne ya!’
 We will be the Pride of the Igbo Nation. So I urge all of you to stand and make that crucial decision. 

It is time to Rise and Shine! Rise and Shine! Rise and Shine, Anambra State.

Umunnem Daalu nuuuooooo!

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