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Lackadaisical Attitude Of South-Easterners In Matters Of Politics Is A Grievous Political Sin -Dr. Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu

South-East Nigerians, since 1970 at least, have exhibited such lackadaisical attitude in politics as to make ourselves largely politically irrelevant in Nigerian politics.

Of the many lackadaisical attitudes that South-Easterners have been notorious for, none is more annoying than that towards voter's registration.

Anyone would have thought that after the insult of 2019 that South-East votes are not needed for anyone to win the Presidency of Nigeria, that the South-Easterners would on their own be anxiously waiting for the very next opportunity to prove their political detractors wrong.

Alas, since 2019, instead of waking up from our slumber to register as voters with INEC, we have sunk deeper into our slumber. Most shocking is that while South-East APC Integrity Group/South-East APC Presidency Project 2023 have done so much since 2015 to sensitize our South-Easterners on the issue of emergence of President of Nigeria of South-East extraction in 2023, we have not seen any kind of enthusiasm on the part of eligible South-Easterners to be registered since the ongoing INEC's continuous voter's registration exercise started on 28th June 2021.

We must change that indolent attitude by waking up our South-Easterners whether they like to be woken up or not. How can a people want to produce President of Nigeria but won't troop out in their millions to register to vote?

How can some South-Easterners be thinking of contesting for President of Nigeria yet don't seem to realize that massive and total voter's registration of eligible South-Easterners is key? Are they alright?

We don't believe that any geopolitical zone has more eligible voters than the South-East, but if our people don't register, how will our actual population of eligible voters be known and respected?

Most ignorant South-Easterners have even bought the fat lie that the South-East (with about 25% of Nigeria's actual population) doesn't have the numbers to negotiate for power! Such ignorant fellows have, therefore, resigned themselves to the perverse justification for their lackadaisical attitude towards voter's registration.

We must kill that falsehood, indolence, defeatism and irresponsible lackadaisical attitude. South-East leaders of thought must lead in reality and not presumptuously. South-East political leaders must lead openly and frontally, and not remain in their closets like frightened rats. 

All South-Easterners should see their duty in supporting South-East APC Integrity Group and our South-East APC Presidency Project 2023 with money and motor vehicles on our campaign for voter's registration sensitization and mobilization of tens of millions of South-Easterners, and for transfer of voter's registration of South-Easterners outside the South-East to the South-East.

Please call us for our bank account details and to let us know how else you want to support us. We are not in competition with any South-Easterner; we only want to partner and collaborate with you on our common political agenda.

(All donations for this worthy cause will be published on our platforms unless the donor requests otherwise).

Dr. Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu
National Coordinator of South-East APC Presidency Project 2023 (a project of South-East APC Integrity Group)

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