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Anambra Decides 2021: How To Be Involved In Politics ~Omonaijablog

1. Identify your Ward:
The ward is the smallest unit of Government in Politics. Your ward is not necessarily your home town but the locality where you will most conveniently carry out your political activities. It is also advisable that you register with INEC as a voter in this ward. _
Join the African Democratic Congress ADC in your area and make a choice. You can be assured that you will align and agree with the manifesto and constitution of the party. _

3. Get involved in Ward activities,  all politics are local.

4. Identify like-minded believers in the party to relate with:
This is very important as decision are taken in politics based on majority of opinions. It is important that you align with your own class of people to ensure that decisions taken are not to the disadvantage of your interest.

5. Relate well with The Leaders:
That you want to make changes in the politics of your environment does not mean castigating existing leaders. Success in politics is about who you know and not necessarily what you know.

6. Pay attention to Political Information: Unfortunately many are political illiterates. Before you get into politics, you ought to know what you are talking about and be able to hold an intelligent and thoughtful conversations about the issues. Local politicians and indeed the community respect you when you have better information at hand. Therefore, read your local newspaper(s), statewide newspapers and national newspapers. Be alive on the social media for information.

7. Get involved in your community:
Attend your community meetings. Network, and be in good terms with local groups. Use the opportunity to hold political conversations and invite them to your party, ADC.

8. Build character and good name:
A good name is better than silver and gold. As corrupt as our society is, a good name still speaks volume. Strive to build for yourself and generations after you a good name.

Join ADC Today. Participate in the governance process, don't just sit in a corner and only criticize, take action.

Support Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo "Oputa Ife adi" for Governor, Anambra State. 


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