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All You Should Know About Angioimmunoblastic T.cell Hymphoma, The Disease That Killed Sound Sultan ~Omonaijablog

The news of the death of popular singer, Lanre Fasasi better known as Sound Sultan, took the world by surprise most especially, lovers of good music.

The 44 years old Jagbajantis crooner, lost it to his battle with angioimmunoblastic T.cell hymphoma also known as cancer of the throat.

Many people are may be wandering what could be the cause of this disease that took away one of the finest musician export from Nigeria.

What is throat cancer?

Cancer is a class of diseases in which abnormal cells multiply and divide uncontrollably in the body. These abnormal cells form malignant growths called tumors.

Throat cancer refers to cancer of the voice box, the vocal cords, and other parts of the throat, such as the tonsils and oropharynx. Throat cancer is often grouped into two categories: pharyngeal cancer and laryngeal cancer.

Throat cancer is relatively uncommon in comparison to other cancers. The National Cancer Institute estimates that of adults in the United States:

Types of throat cancer

Although all throat cancers involve the development and growth of abnormal cells, your doctor has to identify your specific type to determine the most effective treatment plan.

The two primary types of throat cancer are:

Squamous cell carcinoma. This type of throat cancer affects the flat cells lining the throat. It’s the most common throat cancer in the United States.

Adenocarcinoma. This type of throat cancer affects the glandular cells and is rare.

Two categories of throat cancer are:

Pharyngeal cancer. This cancer develops in the pharynx, which is the hollow tube that runs from behind your nose to the top of your windpipe. Pharyngeal cancers that develop in the neck and throat include:

nasopharynx cancer (upper part of the throat)

oropharynx cancer (middle part of the throat)

hypopharynx cancer (bottom part of the throat.

Laryngeal cancer. This cancer forms in the larynx, which is your voice box.

Preventing throat cancer

There’s no definitive way to prevent throat cancer, but you can take steps to reduce your risk:

Stop smoking. Use over-the-counter products such as nicotine replacement products to quit smoking, or talk to your doctor about prescription medications to help you quit.

Reduce alcohol intake. Men should consume no more than two alcoholic drinks per day, and women should consume no more than one alcoholic drink per day.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Reduce fat and sodium intake and take steps to lose excess weight. Engage in physical activity at least 2.5 hours a week.

Reduce your risk of HPV. This virus has been linked to throat cancer. To protect yourself, practice safe sex. Also talk to your doctor about the benefits of the HPV vaccine.

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