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Why ADC remains the only credible alternative political party in Anambra ~Omonaijablog

African Democratic Congress ADC is on a mission to rescue Anambra from the clutch of godfatherism, end political slavery, and give back the voice to the people.

 Things you must know:

- With ADC, the winner-take-all attitude often flaunted in the governance of Anambra state will be history. 

- The tendency to make loopsided allocation and distribution of amenities and appointments will have no place in ADC government 
- ADC government will maintain a policy of fair sharing of resources, appointments, and amenities. 

- ADC government will never degenerate or be seen as "their government", thus fraudulently colonizing the reins of power to the exclusion of others

- ADC government will make accountability, and transparency the hallmark of doing government business. 
- ADC will strengthen the dynamics of democracy and give impetus to separation of powers for the common good of ndi Anambra.

- ADC government will always be alive to its responsibilities  to the state. It will re-engineer Anambra state in its entirety- economically, socially, politically, culturally, and strengthen those sectors in which ndi Anambra have comparative advantage using the abundant human and material resources and social capital that abound in  the state. 

- ADC government will work to touch lives of ndi Anambra in a special way and restore lost hope. 

- ADC government will encourage the youths to develop their natural talents,  be it in sports, entertainment, dance, or music and turn them into world class performers. ADC will invest hugely on the creative industry, promote culture and tourism.

- ADC government will create meaningful jobs, and offer gainful employment. Graduates, professionals, artisans will be gainfully employed. 
- ADC government will take responsibility to ensure women are given a special place because they deserve it. The Anambra families first  initiative will leave no one behind. 

- ADC government will raise the morale levels of the civil and public servants, and restore the civil service to its pride place. A labourer is worthy of his wage. 

- ADC government will secure the lives and properties of ndi Anambra. The security of  the state will recieve highest priority. 

- ADC government will give the voice back to the people. The new Anambra begins with you. Join hands with ADC and let's make Anambra the ijele of Africa.

The superiority of the will of the people over the power of incumbency will be clearly demonstrated in the upcoming guber election on November 6, 2021. ADC is resolute and focused. Although the works seem enormous, we must remain undaunted. Ibu anyi danda!

Time is ripe!

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