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May The Cabals Not Lead APGA to Ruins (Opinion) ~Omonaijablog

Nduka Ejiofor 

It is election year in Anambra, a strategic state in the southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria. A geographical enclave reputed for a lot of sterling accomplishments, ranging from economic, cultural and mostly political, what Anambra needs most at this time, is a tranquil democratic ambience that will seamlessly harness and consolidate on the gains so far made by the Chief Willie Obiano-led APGA government. But feelers are pointing to the fact that some stakeholders, out of their inordinate desire to foist their candidate on the ruling APGA in the state could scuttle the hitherto organized political party.
 Chukwu ekwena!
May it be reiterated that there is nothing wrong with supporting a candidate of one’s choice, but doing so within the confines of laid down rules and guidelines is what democracy albeit the Rule of Law entail. Contrary slips or subversions always prove to be catastrophic, because it goes to breed the feeling of marginalization, injustice and favoritism, which are condemnable corrupt practices.

Now the big question: Are these traits noticeable in the All Progressives Grand Alliance? The answer is a big YES! Some ‘big men’ in the party may be wont to play the ostrich or hide behind a finger with the belief that nobody is noticing all the underground intrigues aimed at imposing their candidate on the party, but they should know that the party members across the 326 wards in the state are aware of this sinister plot and will resist it when the time comes. And it would be catastrophic for the party, a ruling party at that, with lots of fierce opposition from PDP, APC, YPP and even other ‘smaller’ parties-o nwero onye ma ka fa si kwado- to allow a self-inflicted chaos into her ranks at this crucial time. 

Having watched the processes ongoing ahead of the party primaries, one can discern the hatchet job being perpetrated by the proponents of U-AYA and U-AWA, who are being structured to hijack the functions of the state chapter of the party. The managers of the groups U-Aya and U-Awa have concluded plans to disrupt the process of electing delegates for the primaries.  They have threatened all the wards chairmen not to conduct party Congress slated for June 15 and 16, with the sole aim of using the groups members as party delegates.This is impunity to the highest order and must be halted or it will lead to an implosion, because many people at the ward level are eager to make sure that their voices and votes are heard in electing who would eventually become the next governor of the state, God willing.

To avert this impending problem, the leaders of the party at both national, state and local government levels must adhere to the rules of engagement by clearly avoiding anything called imposition or a semblance of it.
It is good to remind these men working to destroy the party’s democratic tenets on the altar of their ambition to impose their preferred candidate on all others that APGA is a child of circumstance, which came to reckoning because the people of Anambra did not like Godfatherism. We could do well by refreshing our minds that PDP lost power in the state because they were perceived as being a political party controlled by Godfathers, which prompted Ndi Anambra to unanimously vote them out, thereby enthroning the APGA government which by the grace of God, has moved from strength-to-strength,  administration-after-administration.The worst the party can do at this stage is to be worse than the people it changed. Since the state has buried Godfatherism, it will amount to great undoing if APGA helps Ndi Anambra to remember their ugly past by conducting flawed guber primaries.

In all honesty, the cliff the members of this cabal are pushing the party to can be avoided. And all the critical stakeholders of the party at all levels must join hands in redeeming the party, by rallying round the National Working Committee of the party to discharge her duties without intimidation. To this end, the party must ensure that the upcoming primaries are as representative as can be. The idea of rigging the primaries in favor of the cabals must be avoided, because it is nothing but imposition. Every member of the party needs to have his views reflected from their representatives at the ward levels. 

In doing this, the party must be mindful not to incur the wrath of Anambra Elites, the religious stakeholders and the traditional rulers who have equally been voicing these sentiments and have consistently reiterated how repugnant the idea of imposition will be for the state. Doing otherwise may lead to the party losing their support alongside the numerous followers.

It is obvious that the primaries will produce only ONE candidate for APGA, but as much as possible the party must throw in all guards to ensure the candidate represents the true wish of a greater majority of party loyalists. This can only be done when the process of selecting the candidate is free, fair, credible and transparent.

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