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Gov. Matawalle's Full Implementation Of IGP Abubakar's Report On Zamfara Insecurity May Send A Fmr. Governor To Jail ~Omonaijablog

Rtrd. IGP Abubakar

As Zamfara governor Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun begins the full implementation of the former Inspector General of Police (IGP) M D. Abubakar's committee report, investigations shows that the former governor of the state, Abdulaziz Yari and his co-travellers may soon be jailed for their alledged roles in aiding and abetting banditry in the state.

According to the report, five Emirs were indicted, 33 District Heads, as well as many village heads  were also indicted. 

The report also indicted some top politicians and security personnel, including soldiers, police and others.

The report also recommended for the establishment of Rugga settlements for the repentant bandits, proscription of Yan Sakai (Local Hunters activities), establishment of satellite towns within the urban centres for accommodating IDPs who were displaced from their ancestral homes by the activities of the bandits.

News Express24 reporter Zakari Musa who was on an investigation tour to Zamfara state over the weekend, reported that, the government has implemented some of the committee's report and recommendations.

According to the reporter, the Rugga settlement is nearing completion as he visited one of the 3 sites in Maradun and saw the construction works has reached 90% completion. While the peace initiative recommended by the committee is ongoing.

 Further more, an investigation into the proscription of Yan Sakai (Local Hunters) revealed that the order banning the activities of the Yan Sakai is still in force in the state.

A source close to the governor who pleaded anonymity said the governor was critically studying the report and the recommendations before beginning to implement the harder part of it.

"Now that he has started the full implementation of the recommendations of the report, he will not spear anyone indicted by the report. I know him very well, he will do as if he doesn't know, but gradually planning to do the right thing. This is why he is called 'DODO', ( The Nightmare)

When the report which also indicted the former governor Yari, who was accused of planting the seed of banditry in the state and the region in 2012 is fully implemented, it was recommended that a jail term should be handled to the former governor, alongside some of his closed associates like Bello Dankande Gamji who declared killing of Fulani as legal, Sani Gwamna Mayanchi ( the special assistant to Yari on security matters, who was arrested sometimes ago for hanging AK47 riffle on his shoulder at a bandit camp), Sani General, Aliyu MC Tsafe, among others.

Former governor Yari was also indicted for igniting the activities of bandits in the state and across northern Nigeria by declaring them thieves, alleging that all thefts were been done by the Fulani, in an interview he granted to Zamfara Radio in 2012.

This situation triggered a lot of controversies within the Fulani's circle with bitter reactions from all over the country and the West African sub-region. Since then serials attacks and counter attacks, killings of innocent people, raping of women and children, rustling cattle and kidnapping continued unabated, between the Fulanis and Yan banga ( Vigilante group).

The former governor was alleged to have been paying the vigilantes and Yan Sakai allowances for attacking and killing Fulani people in various markets and in their settlements.

Investigations also revealed that Yari who refused to attend the committee's sittings, despite several invitations sent to him, will be facing jail for aiding and abetting armed banditry in Northern Nigeria when this report is fully implemented.

To further make the present administration of Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle ungovernable as Yari publicly declared sometimes back, Yari the former Governor of Zamfara state went through the back door to make a secret arrangement with foreign criminals who regularly attack and kill innocent people, especially in areas that are 90% PDP followers, that's why according to a secret investigation, any time Yari steps in his foots in zamfara there must be a security breach.

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