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With Inflation Literally Galloping, It's Time For President Buhari To Replace His Economic Team ~Omonaijablog

When - in 2015 - President Muhammadu Buhari announced his administration's 3-point agenda as security, anti-corruption and economy, we looked forward to better days ahead.

Today, we don't know what to think of security, anti-corruption and economy. With inflation literally galloping in all cases, every Nigerian does not need to be told that all is not well on the economic front. 

Quite expectedly, rapidly increasing prices of foodstuffs (the most disturbing of all the inflationary trends to the Nigerian consumer) are easily traceable to both acute insecurity that has since 2015 driven farmers from their farms as well as corruption that  has created a strange economic situation of dry pockets in markets of continuously increasing high prices.

There can only be one immediate step for Mr President to take now in order to correct imbalances and oddities in the economy. He needs effective advisers on national security, anti-corruption and the economy. The persons there now have failed him and his administration.

We also think that many of his other appointees should be replaced with better persons who should be appointed on actual merit and not on the basis of region, ethnicity, religion, gender or bloodline.

We often wonder if some Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) are still existing. Mr President should replace their heads or scrap them to at least save money to better fund performing MDAs and critical infrastructure.

Since his administration is said to be APC and APC smiles or suffers for what his administration does or doesn't do, the party should henceforth make input into his appointment processes so that we will be sure that his appointees are not non-APC or disloyal APC persons deliberately rubbishing the party by their subversive words and actions in government.

APC must win the next elections on merit and President Buhari's appointees can boost or burst our electoral chances. He owes APC an all-performing appointees that would bring only credit to the party on whose platform he was elected president in 2015 and again in 2019.

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