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'Ogene Igbo' The Man I know ~Omonaijablog

By Prince Okwudili Emelumadu 

Ogbuefi Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp, PhD (Ogene Igbo) is my boss and I have worked and walked beside him on so many fronts; and I can boldly say that I know him too well to write this! 

Ogene is one of the most honorable men I have met in my little stay in life. He would rather remain poor than meddle with things that are not honorable to enrich himself. He has chosen the paths of truth and straightforwardness in his political career. It is most honorable to speak the truth in the face of tyranny, oppression and mass  corruption. He would always say to me, “Prince, what we owe these people is to speak up for them; I will always fight for them. It makes me happy and I will continue to do that”. These are Golden Words from Ogene Igbo! 

It is out of compassion that Ogene speaks for the poor masses and fights for them, even when it does not Favour him. He is a philanthropist per excellence; this is evident in the number of young people in different levels of their academic careers who he has placed on scholarship. He has also sponsored a lot of young people into entrepreneurial paths and these people are doing very well. This is the man I admire so much, my Boss and my Mentor!

Have you met a man who the red cap fits more than Ogene Igbo? This is the man who understands the culture and traditions of his people. He is inherently born a leader. He makes things happen. On December 30, 2020, I was in his country home at Ogbunike when some group of men came to seek counsels from him. I listened to him advise them. He did this with ease and flamboyant show of intelligence, wit and integrity. 

Ogene’s humility amazes me! He does not know the mighty nor the low. He opens his doors to all classes of people, the same seat on which the mightiest sits, the lowest amongst his visitors would sit on the same seat. He is friendly to both young and old. Ogene is indeed a man of the people! 

To a man of honor, 
To a man of compassion,
To royalty personified, 
To an embodiment of humility,
To a jolly good-fellow,
To a master of pen,
To a Journalist per excellence,
To a custodian of our culture, 
To the man of the people on his birthday.

I wish a happy birthday, Ogene Igbo. May your days remain adventurous,  prosperous and long. And may you eat the fruits of your hardwork, Sir. 

Cheers to a new age!

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