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Insecurity: Why President Buhari Must Listen To Nigerians ~Omonaijablog

Security of lives and property of the citizens is the fundamental of government anywhere. It is based on this that Nigerians came out en-mass to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari, who before his election promised to secure the lives and property of the citizens of this great nation.

President Muhammadu Buhari who sworn to the Holy Qur'an that he will be faithful, honest and loyal to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has the responsibility of listening to the yearnings of Nigerians for better security and welfare of their lives.

Nigerians have been complaining, calling and showing their anger and disappointment of the performance of the National Security Adviser Major General Babagana Monguno rtd, but to the president deaf ears.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives have been wasted by the insurgents, armed bandits and other criminal elements fighting unjustifiable wars without convincing evidence of efforts by the National Security Adviser doing his job to safeguard Nigerians from these wanton destruction of lives and property of the innocent people.

The national security adviser has a unique role as a top aide to the president, in assisting the president for national security affairs. As a senior aide who serves as the chief in-house adviser to the president on national security issues, he is usually a member of various military or security councils. He or she reports directly to the president, like Cabinet secretaries or other senior aides.

The national security adviser participates in meetings of the nation's National Security Council (NSC) and usually chairs meetings of the council’s Principals Committee with the ministers whose jobs related to security matters, including that of defense when the president is not in attendance. The National Security Adviser offers the president a range of options on national security issues. 

The National Security Adviser also prepares the president for NSC meetings, helps draft national security and foreign policy speeches, helps to prepare for meetings with congressional leaders, responds to presidential requests for information, and briefs the president on issues of the moment, among other important and crucial responsibilities of the NSA.

He or she coordinates the activities of all service chiefs, regularly assess the performance of the services chiefs and all operations in the field. However, in Nigeria, the situation is entirely in the contrary, as the NSA either deliberately refused to do these for reasons best known to him, or is incompetent to do the job.

For instance, a military aircraft got missing and took the NSA office almost two weeks to know exactly what happened. Boko Haram attacked and destroyed lives and property in his hometown of Monguno while he is the nation's National Security Adviser.

Recently, Boko Haram had the audacity to attack Yobe state, hoisted their flag, just as the way the same Boko Haram hoisted their flag in Shiriro area if Niger state, very closed to the nation's seat if power. Earlier several attacks were carried out by bandits and criminals. We should forget the ENDSARS saga that nearly consumed the President seat and put the nation into a bloody massacre that is unimaginable. This is in addition to several other security challenges, ranging from kidnapping to broad-daylight attacks on various communities and the travel embargo enforced on the common man on our major high ways, just to mention, but a few of classical examples of the failure and inability of the National Security Adviser, Monguno to coordinate various operations by the military and other security agencies across the country.

 Instead, Monguno has been busy fighting the service chiefs, playing divide and rule between and amongst the security forces. This professional misconduct led to lack of synergy and working collaboration among the security agencies, without the needed supervision and evaluation of their operations and performance.

Monguno is arguably the worst National Security Adviser this country ever had. His alleged corrupt practices have also contributed immensely to the deterioration of security of lives and property of our people. Several testimonies have proven the allegations against him, but yet the president who was adjudged as the most highly respected African leader, closed eyes on all these failures and lapses of the National Security Adviser. Buhari should know that Monguno is sabotaging his government in all ramifications. It is therefore pertinent to appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to, as a matter of urgency use his listening ears remove Monguno from office of the National Security Adviser and replace him with a more competent one.

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