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Anambra 2021: Why Akachukwu Nwankpo Cannot Be Swindled By A Desperate Power Bloc, My Thoughts This Minute ~Omonaijablog

Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp 

Recently, the rocky relationship between the top contenders of the APGA gubernatorial ticket and certain desperate power bloc, who think majority of the APGA members are blind, and ignorant of their antics has hit all time low.

I'm not naive enough to know that majority of the APGA faithfuls, especially stakeholders at the grassroots level would disagree on anything capable of relegating APGA to the bench in the forthcoming governorship election. APGA stakeholders and grassroots activists whose intelligence seemed to have been twerked by a desperate power bloc, unbelievably understanding that a particular aspirant has been imposed on them had hit the streets demanding for a free fair and credible primary election where all governorship aspirants will be accorded a level playing ground. 

The question is, why would the desperate power bloc, decide to pitch against millions of APGA faithfuls who had long prayed and wished a level playing ground be made readily available to all the guber aspirants? Why would the political desperados decide to shutdown the democratic principles as exemplified by the current leadership of the party? Again, why would a sane mind be found promoting and defending the ills of godfatherism, injustice, inequity and cronyism? Why would the desperados pay deaf ears to the heartbeat of the people, when works are ongoing to ensure no one is disenfranchised? Why are they consciously taking APGA to the inglorious old ways of doing things? When would a new dawn berth, must it continue to be business as usual?

One would have expected that the so called powerful bloc as they posed could have advocated for a common ground on issues bordering on the party primary election, how to get all stakeholders and party leaders at all levels to participate. I know there are common-ground issues. Will it be every issue? No. But are there enough issues to say it's better than we have today? I clearly believe that.

I think the APGA Party of today is too much the party of the people as opposed to a cabal who are desperate to stamped on diverse viewpoints. And I hope it will return to more of its roots. It's got a long legacy and history, wonderful leaders.

Going back to when I turned APGA faithful, I was at the trenches during the 2017, and 2019 general elections. I got to see, essentially, a contest between committed party aspirants and the unserious ones. And it was a tough, hard-fought contest, but there was civility. There was respect. That's the kind of leadership we need back in our darling party, not going back to the old ways of "I am the one who made this and that governor". Internal democracy should be allowed to take its right shape in APGA. Everyone should be given a sense of belonging, and encouraged to participate fully in the critical decisions towards presenting a marketable candidate to represent APGA at the November 6 gubernatorial election. 

The viral endorsements of a particular aspirant by any members of the APGA BOT, NEC,SWC or NWC is a repudiation of the Party. Nevertheless, I enjoin all APGA faithfuls who believe in the party's supremacy to continue to support and stand up for APGA's core values, and support the call for a free, fair and credible contest, not the planned imposition of any candidate. Everyone should get behind,  "APGA First" agenda."  We must not let APGA die. Let's rally round to save APGA from the end-time politicians. 

Perusing the dance step prevalent at the moment, no sycophants will succeed in swindling Akachukwu Nwankpo's hard earned political fortunes, all in a bid to sing "endorsement lullaby" songs in the media. Akachukwu Nwankpo doesn't need any mortal's endorsements because he has been ordained by the almighty God to lead APGA to victory come November 6, the mandate is divine, anything on the contrary may spell doom for the known and unknown quantities who are desperate to destroy the APGA.  

Make no mistakes about it, APGA Party is no longer the same Party that you feel anyone can be used as tissue paper or sanitary pad and discard. Buckle up, the approaching tsunami that will herald the untimely political retirement of the rampaging desperate power bloc will jolt the world. 

Without mincing words, the silent voices who are ready to pick from the poll of APGA governorship hopefuls, will definately be louder as we approach the shindig. The APGA gallant soldiers of today know their generals, and will obey the last order. Anticipate, it's a new dawn, Anambra youths know what they want and/or need.  

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