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US Based Popular Singer, Seye Michael, AKA 'Alagbawi Omo Ileri' Takes Over Music World ~Omonaijablog

Seye Michael popularly known as Alagbawi Omo Ileri is a Nigerian born music star doing wonderful well in diaspora. The very handsome  and highly creative singer ranks among the best music acts in United state of America.

The multiple award winning singer who started playing music at very tender age spoke with me about his life, career and other thing about him. Excerpts.

Kindly tell us about yourself

I'm Oluseye  Michael, native of  Ada at Boripe local government in Osun State.

I have been in music  industry  since 1989 and I started my band over close to three decades.

My stage name is Seye  Michael Music Entertainmwnt A.K.A Alagbawi  Omo  Ileri.
Take us in to the memory on how you become a musician?

I have a passion for music since when I was young. Music is what I love doing at very tender age. I was looking at some of my fathers in the industry and that gave me a lot of encouragement as a child.
And i started  with the great calling back between 1989 to 1990 and I joined  Olusola Samuel band called  Sola Wight between 1990 to 1994 when I finished with my secondary school  and I started my band in 1994 till date.

Which school did you attended?

I attended  Oshogbo Grammar School and Loyola College and I changed  to Urban Day Grammar School that is  where I finished  in 1994

What were your parent's reaction when you picked music as a profession?

My dad didn't like it because he was  an accountant and I stated playing music as  ajiwere.

But my mom supported me  a lot  in a blessed memory

 How did you persuaded him to dance to your tune?

 When I finished  my secondary school and I went to the polytechnic of Ibadan  he  supported me after the completion of my school

 How many album did you have to your credit?

 I have 10 albums

 Name them

Bamijo, Ayomitide, Living Testimony, In-house London, Journey of life, Exploit (Bujade) Back to Sender, Ijo Ope, expression

Who is your role model music?

Sir Shina Peter, is a great musician with lot of energy in him, I was looking up to him as a role model when I started. He carved a good niche for himself.

 Your journey to overseas, how was the experience?

I First  went to South Africa,from there I went to London and  Germany and later moved  to USA, where I currently staying.

 As an artist in diaspora, how will you describe music in Nigeria and there?

 Nigeria is much better  than diaspora in time of producing music, we have the personels and equipment to work around. Moreover, to produce music in Nigeria  is not expensive like here.

 I am married with 3 kids

What is the latest from you?

 My 27 year on stage  soon by his grace and the release of my new album 'New Glory' and my video 

 How many tracks did you have in the album?

 5 tracks, all fantastic and inspirational songs.

  Are you releasing both of them at a go?


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