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Nigeria Diaspora Network (NDN) To Grant Over $10M To Support Good Governance Candidacy Program For Nigeria Next Election ~Omonaijablog

The Nigeria Diaspora Network, a composition of Nigerian professionals abroad, was established to lend logistics and media support to leaders — particularly young leaders — kicking off projects and founding new organizations to fight for our shared progressive values.

Nigerians in the Diaspora remit billions of naira to their home country every year but are denied the right to vote during elections.

We at the Nigeria Diaspora Network have therefore resolved to find a creative way to ensure that only those who have respect for rule of law, transparency and accountability are elected into office.

Today, we announce the institution of a $10 million Grant to support  our partner organizations and candidates who meet our rigorous selection criteria. The aim is to produce progressive leaders and groups dedicated to leading Nigeria on a good governance structure.

Nigeria Diaspora Network wishes to re-confirm our commitment coupled with our unconditional continued efforts to support young intelligent candidates to run for elected government positions in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We believe that to put good governance in place, honest, God fearing and selfless leaders must be elected into public offices.

We have also observed that such candidates are shying away from participating in the electoral process because they lack the resources to do so.

Parameters for identifying and supporting candidates with these qualities are being worked out.

We will initiate a letter requesting for a meeting with candidates with an intent to provide funding support from our Nigerians in the diaspora coalition for the purpose of media and logistics.
However, we have accomplished tremendous strides in:
• Mobilizing multiple and diverse Nigerian ethnic communities/groups to support our candidate choice
• Creating a global awareness avenue for candidate through social media and websites
• Establishing multiple credible and secured online funding campaigns
• Organized Diaspora community supports for any good governance candidate
• Securing high network individuals to underwrite town hall venue bookings and logistics in Europe and North America and Asia.
• Forging newer lobbying power-pacs with other groups all over the globe
While we are proud of the support and efforts we have made in diaspora, we will not relent our zeal in providing local Nigeria media and logistics support through our local partners now and in the future.

Nigeria Diaspora Network will continue to remain active to support  candidates with good governance initiatives.

Democracy thrives better where good governance is the rule and not an exception.
Good governance is perceived as a normative principle of administrative law, which obliges each country to perform its functions in a manner that
promotes the values of efficiency, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to
civil society.

Our Mission
Nigeria Diaspora Network is dedicated to advancing the vision that will guide good governance in a country through The six principles of Independence, Openness, Accountability, Integrity, Clarity, Effectiveness.
We encourage citizens' engagement to organize, get involved, support good governance candidates running for office, Nigeria Diaspora Network advances progressive values and works to build a brighter future for generations to come.

Citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy. In recent years, we’ve seen what’s possible when people come together and stand up for a fairer, more inclusive Nigeria.

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The challenges we face as a country are real. But
there's no telling what we can achieve if we
approach the fights ahead with the passion and
determination we feel today, and bring that
energy into 2023 and beyond.
Our story
Nigeria Diaspora Network was established to lend logistics and media support to leaders and candidates — particularly young and vibrant leaders — kicking off projects and founding new groups to fight for our shared progressive values. Since our founding, we have plans to grant funds to our candidates and partner organizations combined. 

Our program
Nigeria Diaspora Network will work with groups that present a well-articulated vision; have a demonstrated ability to attract supporters, volunteers, and donors; and have a willingness to collaborate with like-minded groups.

Our different range of support include the following:
• Financial support: Direct grants, fundraising support, online amplification, in-person surrogate assistance, 1:1 introductions and meetings with donors.
• Recognition: Online endorsements, surrogate support, offline and event mentions via Nigeria Diaspora Network surrogates, convenings.
• Endorsement building: Mobilizing supporters to support candidates and partner groups.
Partner groups can be nominated for Nigeria Diaspora Network' support via word of mouth or by sending us an email at NDN  Email:

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