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Gov. Yahaya Bello Allegedly Dating His ADC As First Lady Moves Out Of Government House ~Omonaijablog

Rashida Bello, the wife of the Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, has allegedly moved out of the government house.

According to reports, the duo has been at loggerheads for the past three months over the governor’s alleged affair with the ADC, Ms Ifeoma Akaya.

Kemifilani News recalls that Governor Bello is the first governor in Nigeria to appoint a female ADC, Ms Ifeoma Akaya.
The development did not sit well with the governor’s wife and seemed to be a significant disadvantage.

Sources also disclosed that Yahaya Bello allegedly placed his wife “The First Lady“ on house arrest and sacked her orderly, including all her Aides.

This generated reactions on social media as some people expressed shock over the news.

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  1. Hmmmm, this story about Gov. Yahaya Bello allegedly dating his ADC, Ifeoma Akaya is a big slap on the face of young ladies and African women in general.
    Ifeoma is not just a police officer but a senior one, who had been in the police force, serving deligently to have been appointed as ADC to the governor. Assuming, not concluding that such is going on between them, it is a personal matter, as long as it does not defeat the purpose of her duty.
    Looking at that young, fearless, vibrant fine police office, should attract African women and encourage young ladies to emulate such a career vision, rather that roaming around as graduates who are looking for cheap survival. This should promote gender equality,the African women had been craving for.There are fine female officers in different armed forces in this country. Is it because she is serving as an ADC to a governor? How about the male police officers attached to prominent women in various arms of government, like the female ministers, female commissioners, female judges and magistrates, can we say that these women are dating their male ADCs?
    Ifeoma Amaya and other female officers should turn a deaf ear to all these rumours and focus on the course of your career.
    To my dear Gov. Yahaya Bello, I must commend your courage for appointing this fine police officer to prove to the world the saying that " anything a man can do, a woman can do, even better".
    To our dear "first lady" of Kogi State, if it is true that you moved out of the government house for this singular allegation, except evidential, it is improper. Ifeoma Amaya, should be an instrument to showcase at your female career talks, female empowerment programs, gender equality programs, etc to encourage these young ladies, telling that "if any female graduate is interested in joining any of the Nigerian Armed forces, i will personal assist you in securing a job there". Please ponder over this.
    To our dear nigerians, particularly our young ladies, open your eyes, pick up a career and be focus. Mrs. Ngozi Eweala, Mrs. Olusola Bada(frm. Dep.governor of Osun State) and a host of others no get two heads, they chose a career, stayed focused in it and today, they are achievers.
    Ifeoma Akaya, don't be discourage please, be diligent and be honest as you continue to perform your duty as the ADC to the governor, and they sky will be your limit. All the best.