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Will 'Dry Bones' In Nigeria Rise Again? ~Omonaijablog

Just like I always say, I am not a Pastor of any denomination but, I am an ordained Deacon in The Redeemed Christian Church Of God. So, do not read this opinion with a biased mind.

Ask yourself this simple question perhaps in solitude; 'can Nigeria’s dry bones live again?

Prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37:7 said; ”so i prophesied as i was commanded and as i prophesied, there was a noise, and suddenly a rattling; and the bones came together: bone to bone".

In verse 10, Ezekiel prophesied again as he was commanded ” so, I prophesied as he commanded me, and breathe came into them and they lived, and stood upon their feet, an exceedingly great army.

Just as the house of Israel with lost hope and dry bones were completely cut off in the graves, Nigeria’s dry bones shall live again!

The country truly resides in the crevices distributed all over her territory known as families.

What make Nigeria’s case more pathetic is that the church is equally dead, dry and buried. One will expect that the family that first of all fell into slumber before drying will be resuscitated by the church, but the reverse is the case. Maybe, because it is equally populated by the dead, dry and buried families.

Several families have long abdicated their God given responsibilities to the teachers. It is quite impossible for the teachers to be the watch dogs as well as the blood hounds at the same time.

The teachers also have the burdens of their lives to fix. After all, their tasks are thankless as the parents (especially the rotten and decayed ones) maul and mar the teachers for ‘Maltreating’ their equally badly brought up children with all the powers at their disposal.

Let me give this to you pronto; unless the church takes up the responsibility of fixing the broken, decrepit, destitute and dying families with forlorn hopes, there will be no end in sight to the crises plaguing the country.


The man of God Ezekiel 37:7, says; “the hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out in the spirit of the lordand let me down in the midst of the valley….” Do we still have churches that are called by God’s name where the hand of God can move greatly?

Do we still have Christians who can be jealous for God in those churches to salvage the remnant of the country through the families? Is it possible to have men like Timothy who will pray and teach the various youths in the churches the true word of God?

The era when people call folk into the fold to give their lives to Jesus is long gone.

Almost all the youth who did so are cultists of one colour or the other, yahoo plus, 'aristo' and much more. Even their parent are worse off.

The only religion most families have now is how to make it through any crooked means possible. Church of God, make up from your slumber; pastors, prophet, Evangelists, teachers elders, deacons; prophesy to the congregation in the harshest tone possible to rouse and raise them from the dead. Fix Pastor and church leaders stop heaping up wealth why the sheep are starved hungry and straying out of course to eke out a living anyhow.

Put the families back on their feet stem the tide of divorces and separation. Pastor, lead the pack; please confess your sins first before the congregation.

The fear of losing membership through iron and steel theologies should be done away with. Truth is bitter and hard to swallow.

They will surely retrace their steps when they realize that it pays. let the fold follow, let your members know that they will need to “wash their clothes” everyday i.e they will need to be be born again every day and not once after which they will ‘flourish’ in hidden sins like in the past.

Politically, the level of insecurity in the country is alarming. God wants the church to put His house in other for his Hand to move Mightily. Whether you like it or not God has purpose to rouse the next President after Muhammad Buhari with the spirit of Jehu to clear the Augean. This will place Nigeria in her rightful position to lead the world in choiced areas of human endeavors in this twenty first century.

No mountain shall stand before this Zerubabbel (jehu).

Do you think Nigeria's dry bones can live again?

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  1. The church is not doing enough to sensitize the flock to be wary of imminent doom.