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The New UBA Mobile APP: It's Truly Made For You! ~Omonaijablog

It’s the beginning of the month, which means, your salary is probably still fresh in your account, but you’ve also got bills to pay. With your busy schedule, it’s so easy to forget to pay these bills or maybe you’re just ignoring them because of the emotional trauma that comes with a debit alert... lol. Whatever the case, the new

UBA Mobile App is just what you need. 


This app has a cool feature that allows you schedule your bills easily. You never have to worry about missing a payment because it’ll get sorted automatically. The UBA Mobile App is also a personal finance manager. You can see where all your money goes, learn about your spending habits and make better money decisions. 


You can also send money, top-up airtime, save for goals and wave to hide your balance from the nosey people around you. So you see, it’s a complete blend of support, control, flexibility and fun and it's truly made for you. 


To get the new UBA Mobile App today,

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