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Alledged Owerri World Bank Market Demolition: Livestock Dealer's Chairman, Tozo Reveals The Whole Truth ~Omonaijablog

On the night of Saturday 6th of March 2021 the demolition of a popular livestock market, the second roundabout World Bank Estate, Livestock market Owerri was carried out by the Owerri capital development Authority, OCDA which was greeted with many condemnation.

The demolished properties were said to be illegal structures along the road from 2nd roundabout cutting across Prisons Armed Squad, Onitsha road, Owerri and Consumer Protection Council junction, Port Harcourt road, Owerri which divides Area M and L of World Bank Housing Estate Owerri. 
But, in an inspection visit to the market by Hon Mrs Sarah Gabriel Oyibode the DIRECTOR GENERAL for 3RTV an official imo state tv station in Owerri, the Chairman of the Livestock dealers at the market, Mr. Kamalu Victor Okechukwu a.k.a Tozo, revealed the whole truth about what actually happened at the popular market.

Mr. Kamalu Victor Okechukwu a.k.a Tozo said; "there was a letter of notification sent to us in the months of May and September, 2020. Another one was sent in January, 2021. We have been told to relocate because of congestion, overcrowding and that the place was meant to serve as parking space for our customers."

"But you know our people, they refused to relocate until force was used on them."

Tozo said; "There was no demolition at the livestock market at Urban market, the demolition only took place at the Free Zone area that was becoming congested because, most traders at the market locked up their shops in the market and relocated to the free-zone part of the road thereby causing blockage to the free flow of traffic with crowd and endangering the lives of the Imolites by violating the laid down rules of Covid-19 by the government."

"We where all warned three tines to leave and remove all our viable items. I also lost goods (livestocks) that is in thousands of naira. But, since there was proper notification for us to leave the free zone, I have no complain. Those with the perishable goods were the ones affected."
He stated that it was a step in the right direction by the authorities to intervene through the demolition which has returned ease in traffic and bringing peace and tranquility in the area. But that the only issue is that; "these people pay levels to the government, we pay #100 per table to stay in that Free Zone side of the market, so that makes the activities there to be legal. We pay taxes or levels there."
Although, the victims of the demolition affirmed that the demolished structures were illegal which they were ready to evacuate whenever they are directed to do so but, claiming they were not informed about the it but, the Chairman of the Livestock dealers at the market, Mr. Kamalu Victor Okechukwu a.k.a Tozo, has stated that the appropriate authorities issued notices of the demolition, directing the owners of the affected structures to evacuate their valuable goods before the action took place. He said that the notices came in May 2020 and reminders in September 2020 and January 2021 respectively.

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