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Opinion: Are Parents Now Supporting Their Children/Wards To Go Into Internet Fraud?

I went on a visitation to an Uncle's place at Alagbole a Lagos/Ogun State suburb few weeks ago and what I witnessed was beyond comprehension.

I met a woman who confirmed that she took a loan from a microfinance bank to buy a mini laptop for his son who just finished his Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. As if that was not enough, the woman in question actually allowed the young boy to move with his other young 'learners' who were being harbored in a compound for their learning process.

The woman in question actually called it 'investment'. She said; "I need to support him. There is no better way I can support him. There's no job in town and its not looking good in the country anytime soon so, when he came up with this idea of how he can make money without 'stealing' I have to support him.

So also, inside the compound were I stayed during the period with my brother, there was a young guy there who actually sold his parents wristwatch and necklace to buy a UK used iPhone 6. According to him, "I was told when I joined them that the minimum requirements for me to be 'admitted' into the training center is a possession of either a mini laptop or at least an iPhone."

The guy confided in me that when his parents knew about his mission, they decided to lie low and not make an issue about it.

The case became an issue when he could not finish the payment and the person who sold the phone for him decided to come to our compound to demand for his money.

It has gotten to a level that hardly would you see a compound without two to three 'Yahoo guys' there. They now compete, according to the centers they belong.

 Young, girls flying around on bikes to meet their 'yahoo' boyfriend. Girls that ordinarily should still be running errands for their parents have started putting up with guys; living couple's life at tender ages.

In some training centers, their host who also double as the chief trainer provides his intakes with all necessities; ranging from food, water, drinks, squishes, codeine etc. And in return, he gets access to their accounts and monitors the inflow of money from their defrauded clients. This he does so as to get back all he has been spending on them. This continues under after their 'graduation'. 

A lot is going on. A lot since there is no one to ask them "where is your phone?" "What's in your bag?" Yahoo 'business' has become a free play ground for young boys, young school leavers around an area like Lagos/Ogun Suburb. Like a well planned script, since the end of the massive protest that ended the 'reign' of Special Anti-fraud Response Squats, SARS, operatives in Nigeria, training centers for internet fraudsters are now springing up here and there in the country. 

And in a country like Nigeria that is already battling with image theft, parents encouraging and supporting our next generation to go into Internet fraud 'yahoo' will further dent the image of the country.

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