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National Coordinator, APC South East Presidency Project 2023, Jifeofo-Ogbuagu Faults Tinubu's Statements At Kano Colloquium ~Omonaijablog

National Coordinator of APC South East Presidency Project 2023, Dr. Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu, has faulted Tinubu's statements during his birthday's colloquium at Kano yesterday.

Dubbed as a colloquium with a difference because the celebration in Kano symbolises the unity in diversity we have in the country that can be strengthened for a better Nigeria and a fresh hope for the future, many people has however questioned his choice of venue and choice of words.

One of those people is Dr. Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu. The man who has been championing the emergency of APC presidential candidate from South East extraction said for a man like Tinubu who has shown interest as one of the aspirants of the party from the South West zone to have one; humorously said he chose Kano for the colloquium "to prove that the Yoruba and the Fulani are one" is a cheap tribal and divisive card.

He said; "Even if Kano was Fulani land (which it is not), a progressive mind should not play cheap tribal and divisive card.

A serious presidential aspirant must not be a court jester or a flippant speaker or someone who talks without thinking. He must make only mature, intelligent, measured and statesmanly statements."

Two, he said If Mr Tinubu's solution to unemployment is to recruit 50 million Nigerian youths into the military, those who support his purported presidential aspiration should be worried.

Saying; "South-East APC Presidency Project 2023 will present to APC and the Nigerian electorate only a presidential aspirant that would not embarrass Nigerian politics with lousy and laughable statements."

"Our presidential aspirant will be a true progressive and will not say cheap, unintelligent and divisive things that will demean and embarrass our party."

"As 2023 approaches, persons who will contest for political offices, not the least the Nigerian presidency, must be individuals who will lift up the quality of political discourse and not jokers. The Presidency is not for jokers."

He said; "these are two shocking statements by 'National Leader of APC', that should not come from any sound and serious progressive mind."

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