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"Stardom Is Dangerous!" Lagbaja Laments ~Omonaijablog

Lagbaja, Omo Baba Muko Muko, with real name Bisade Ologunde, a Nigerian afrobeat musician, singer-songwriter and percussionist is a phenomenal with his signature use of mask which covers his identity.

He has been mesmerizing the world with his scintillating 'Africanized' renditions for decades without relenting.

Remember songs like Skentele Skontolo, Never Far Away, Surulere, Africalyso, Konko Below, Nothing For You? They all gave us beautiful memories of a great African music and at the same time elevated Lagbaja to a stardom cadre in his musical career.

Just like Joseph in the Bible, who had a dream and in that dream there was a revelation that his father, mother and his brothers all bowed down to worship him, Lagbaja seems to have known that he is billed for stardom hence, the use of mask. 

The Globalcom ambassador during a chat revealed that he wears his trademark mask partly because of stardom!

He said, "Stardom doesn't allow you to live a normal life, which in the case of Lagbaja is a very good advantage of the mask because once your mask is off, you can actually have the freedom of enjoying life. Because stardom sometimes can be an imprisonment. It can be like shackles in your hands. The things I would do without the mask, many celebrities who are even half my status would dare not do, because they must not see him in some kind of instances. It can sometimes be like shackles in your hands."

Lagbaja also added that; "Stardom is a dangerous thing. One, like people who sell drugs. The first thing they tell them is don't use your drug because, the moment you start to use the drug you are selling, you are finished; you become addicted. Same thing with stardom. The moment you start to believe the hype, you are finished, because its hype. Its not real.

No one is trained in the art of managing stardom, because it just comes and then its like you are thrown into the pool and you must learn to swim or sink."

"Those who manage stardom are those who had been grounded about the realities of life ever before they attained stardom. Its not necessarily about your age, but those who become stars a little later in life, who are a little older, sometimes manage stardom better because they have learn to be grounded."

Curiously though, I began to wonder how he managed to know about what is to become of him because he has been wearing the mask from his first appearance. Should we say, Lagbaja has seen his future as a star and how dangerous it would be to manage it, hence the use of masks?

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