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"Mischief Makers Distorted Gov. Matawalle's Interview To Discredit Him" -Zailani Bappa ( Watch The Full Video)

The attention of His Excellency, Governor of Zamfara State, Rt Hon. Bello Muhammed Mattawalle, has been drawn to a statement credited to him, making the rounds in social and other traditional media that: "BANDITS ARE NOT CRIMINALS ".

A statement signed by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Media, Zailani Bappa, reads; "This is a gross and mischievous distortion of what His Excellency actually said, which is that: "ALL FULANI ARE NOT CRIMINALS". 

"At no point during the Channels TV interview did Governor Matawalle make the alluded statement. (The video clip of the Channel TV interview is attached for clarification.)"

Watch the video here..

"Governor Matawalle is an avowed crusader for peace in Nigeria, especially in his state of Zamfara, where he has spared nothing in routing criminals  and criminality of every sort."

"Mischief makers should find something else to do as the Governor cannot be distracted from the urgent task of curbing insecurity in Zamfara and indeed all over Nigeria."

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