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(In Pictures) Protest, As Government Owned Baptist School Locks Out Hijab Wearing Pupils In Ilorin ~Omonaijablog

How would a Government owned school ban hijab in a muslim dominated State? This was part of the reactions from passersby when they saw a cross section of young junior secondary school students of a government owned Baptist LGEA School, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, locked outside the school premises for allegedly wearing Hijab.

The young pupils were seen in their numbers earlier today wearing hijabs on their school uniforms as against the order of the school which is Christian owned.

For some years now, Nigeria’s hijab controversy has been heating deep into some communities. Rejecting growing hijabophobia in Nigeria has also been a growing concern among Islamic clerics in the country.

In 2017, a Muslim female law graduate was barred from a call to bar event in capital Abuja for wearing a headscarf, precipitating anger from the Muslim community and a debate over the country's controversial secular status.

Barrister Firdaus Amasa was later called to the bar with her headscarf after the country's council on legal education backed down. In a 2016 ruling, a court said wearing headscarves qualifies as a human right under the country's Constitution. 

But in a Muslim dominated state like Kwara, one begin to wonder how a Christian owned school will initiate a no Hijab policy on its pupils and endanger them to very serious pandemic that may arise from the lack of social distancing among the pupils.

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