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Olusola Lucas

The insecurity architecture, the daily ethnic divide in Oyo State which has been subjected to per hourly debates in Nigerian Dailies is worrisome. 

In my opinion, irrespective of any form it takes; kidnapping, banditry, robbery, crime is unacceptable in our society. Whatever startegy chose or adopted in fighting crime, it shouldn't be attached to tribe, ethnic or religion context. 

While the general public understand the reason behind Sunday Igboho decision to flush out crime, such fight should not be designed to flushing out of the whole tribe out of a particular region. Reason being that; the idea of smoking out the bad eggs among particular group of people will promote best security outfit.

Meanwhile, the decision by Oyo State Governor to arrest Sunday Igboho should be revisited by H.E Seyi Makinde. Such decision tends to bring more division and havoc among concerned stakeholders, his people and the Yoruba nation at large.

The Governor owns the citizens statutory duty to protect lives and properties of the people he govern. In the absence of such statutory duty, society tend to become a war or crime zone. 

For a society or group of people or properties to be protected, the community has the right to design their security outfits against all forms of crime and in the absent of functioning system. 

For record purposes, i am not one of lovers of ex-Governor Isiaka Ajimobi but a beneficiary of his security policies. 

Ajimobi changes the idea of "mon gba Beere, mon gba Iwo road" (that people should not pass through Beere or Iwo Road due to series of crimes that those places were known for in the past).

Past administration in Oyo State were known for that until Ajimobi took over in 2011. Such life style should not return to Oyo State and Ibarapa axis. Ibarapa axis has become security threat to those people living and doing businesses in the seven communities called  Ibarapas (Ibarapa mejeeje). 

The place has been known in the recent time as home of Lucifer agents. Many lives have been lost "call to Glory" for plying the axis. The death of Oko Oloyun is one among many others in the time past and pointer to the fact that the zone serves as easiest way to the grave. 

Evidence abound that the State Governor needs to communicate his ideas and plans better to the people of the state or else, he will loose their trust and support. The likes of Sunday Igboho, the Obas, the Fulanis and all necessary stakeholders both in the area and Oyo state at large should be invited to a roundtable discussion inorder to chanel their actions in the best way  deem necessary.

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