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"I Married My Ex A Virgin, How Can I Become Promiscuous Now?" Female Pastor Accused Of Sleeping With Apostle Suleiman Speaks

In the early hours of today, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman was in the mud after the ex-husband of one of his pastors accused him of sleeping with his wife.

This accusation generated into lots of controversies especially on the internet because the man of God is highly respected and the accusation came as a rude shock to everyone.

However, in the midst of the saga, the wife of the man who made the accusation has broken her silence, and reacted to the ongoing crisis.

In her reaction, she made it known that She had divorced the man, and nothing of such happened between her and Apostle suleman.

She explained that Apostle Suleman took her as his adopted daughter, and that she was a virgin till she met her husband, Mike

‘Mike you don’t deserve anything good in your life, this is the height you will tell the world and of course they will throw stones because that is the only thing a man will say to a woman after leaving her for years, this is the only thing you can say.

I know you drink but I don’t know it has gotten to this height, just listen to yourself, a man who brought me up, my family knows him, he adopted me like his child, I stayed with him, even when I was not married, I was still single when I met him, and you confirmed it in your video, listen to yourself Mike.

Apostle suleman will call me to a hotel and I will pass the night there but u didn’t bother because you knew I was a virgin, can you listen to yourself?

I kept my virginity for that long and you married me a virgin, I stayed with this man that long still as a virgin, and he didn’t disvirgin me, so the best time to sleep with me was when I was married? You don’t deserve anything good in your life, thank God you told Nigerians you met me a virgin, what I didn’t do when I was single, I now started doing it when I was married? A woman who gave birth will still bleeding after six month…………….

I was still at Osogbo after six month, then how did I transport myself to OFM Auchi, I am doing this because of Mitchel and Apostle Suleman that you are dragging………..’’

See her full video here...

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