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Behold China's Bullet Train, Faster Than Aeroplane, Travels 600km Per Hour(Video)

China has built a prototype bullet train, a kind of transport system that could rival the speed of an aeroplane. 

We gathered that according to DesignBoom in 2019, the train can travel at a very high speed of 600km per hour and it was developed by China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC).

Noted that magnetic levitation is a kind of technology in a train transport system where magnetic forces are deployed to make trains travel at a very great speed.
With the use of two magnetic forces, the train is pushed forward at a pace that makes it ‘float’. With some lack of friction between the train and the tracks, speed is boosted. The plane is billed to begin service by June 2021.

Watch the video here

It should be noted that the popular Beijing-Shanghai rail has a speed of 350km per hour, making the prototype the fastest in the country. The CRRC’s deputy chief engineer, Ding Sansan, said the train speed can travel from Beijing to Shanghai in about 3.5 hours, beating an aeroplane’s speed of 4.5 hours.
The new train will actually go through great tests before it launches.

A centre and a production building are currently being set up as the new service is expected to begin soon.

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