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Why It's Difficult To Run A Successful Church ~Omonaijablog

Early this year, the Presiding Bishop of Winner’s Chapel, David Oyedepo, sacked some top officials of his church who have been engaging in doubling figures, stealing from the church’s treasury and other dubious practices.

This is just one scenario among many others that has been soiling the supposedly sacred altars across the world. 

Reacting to this and many other crimes that are being perpetrated by 'men of God', young and popular preacher and the Presiding Pastor of World Conquerors Evangelical Ministry (WCEM), Nwajiri Monday Onwubiko Okoronkwo has said, greediness, lack of self discipline, lack of self control and what he called competition syndrome were some of the major problems bedeviling pastors and men of God in Nigeria. 

He said, "one of the greatest challenge as a Pastor is to be able to convince some individuals that all churches and pastor's are not the same." Because, according to him, he once met a young man who has been used by some pastors to fake being lame, blind and deaf as the case may be in crusade grounds and churches in other to make people believe they have power. This young man according to pastor Okoronkwo, extended his evil works by organizing people for pastors to fake miracles. Like this man being used, he vowed not to enter any church again because according to him, all pastors and churches are the same to him.

It is also difficult to run a successful ministry according to this young pastor because, "it is difficult to convince some individuals whose assets were collected illegally by these pastors, that there are still genuine churches and pastor's in Nigeria."

He also said, "scandals has continued to ravage churches of recent and made it very difficult to run a church successfully in Nigeria and even in some other parts of the world because, contentment in ministry is lacking."

"Contentment is very important. I learnt to be contended as a child and I have lived a life of contentment. It has contributed a lot to running a successful ministry. You must be contented with what you have and note this, people should know that your church is not a family business affair but a spiritual matter."

On the rampant rate of pastors being arrested for various crimes and offences, the pastor who is a graduate of the prestigious Assemblies of God Divinity School, Umuahia, said, "In my own opinion, some of reasons why many of us ministers get into troubles and crimes are greedy, lack of self discipline, lack of self control and what I will call competition syndrome. For Christ sake, we as ministers shouldn't be in competition with anyone, so I think if we can take care of these 4 things, I don't think pastor's will go into troubles or crimes."

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