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Shoot Your Shot: Isaac’s Seven Years Crush On Belema Made For A Cute Watch In Episode 7 ~Omonaijablog

It was cuteness overload on this week’s episode of Shoot Your Shot with Bisola Aiyeola.

Isaac, 21, has been crushing on Belema, 19, for 7 years. He had met her while running an errand for his mum, and struck up a friendship with her as they were too young to date. Their friendship blossomed and they eventually became family friends but he still didn’t tell her how he truly felt about her.

He gushed about Belema to Bisola while she interviewed him ahead of the planned date. After 7 long years of waiting, he finally feels ready to pour out his heart to Belema who he described as one of the most beautiful girls he’s ever seen.

The Shoot Your Shot team helped him set up a cute date and invited Belema who was pleasantly surprised to see Isaac and the colourful yet intimate set-up.

A few minutes into their date, Isaac opens up to her on the real reason they were there. When he was done, Belema told him he’s a little too late as she’s already seeing someone. According to her, if he had asked 2 years ago, maybe it would have worked out, but she’s been in a relationship for a little over a year now and she truly loves her boyfriend.

Isaac was surprised and a little heartbroken by this information but Belema told him they can still remain good friends, and who knows, things may turn out different in the future.

Not the ending we wanted but a very cute one regardless.

Shoot Your Shot airs on Africa Magic, DStv Channel 151 at 6:30 PM every Sunday!

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