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Rapper Ruggedman Intensifies Effort In His Search For A 'Crazy' Wife ~Omonaijablog

Talented but controversial rapper Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, mostly known as Ruggedman is a known figure. He has been entertaining us for almost two decades now.

He has been involved in so many controversial confrontations with his colleagues and outside his industry as well. Remember the Tony Payne vs 9ice saga in which he was the major actor? That will be a story for another day.
He had also allegedly dated many women in and outside entertainment industry; but many people didn’t know that the rapper who is in his mid 40’s is yet to marry or have any known or unknown love child with any woman.

Ruggedman is unarguably one of the most eligible bachelor in Africa. Although he has been linked with so many women but, none of them ended up settling down with him or have a love child for him.
Of all the women he has dated, here are the two Nollywood actresses that were mostly linked with him but never have the chance to marry him.
Pretty and dark Nollywood actress was a subject of a sizzling romance with the rapper years ago but their romance was unfruitful. He was even alleged to have bought a diamond ring for the beautiful actress but, he strongly denied it. Ruggedman told those who cared to know then that, Bunmi was just a friend. "She actually wanted me to be in her new movie but i couldn’t make it because i was in europe." On the issue of diamond ring, he said; "if I will buy a diamond ring for anybody, it will be my fiance, somebody I am going to marry. I can’t buy such for just a friend." So, her chapter was closed.
Apart from Bunmi’s issue, another popular actress was involved. Bisi Ibidapo-Obe. Remenber that same Bisi Omologbalogba in Yoruba movies? Yes, she is the one. She has been romantically linked with so many men since her breakthrough in that popular flick. Ruggedman and Bisi were subject of interest for gist writers sometimes ago but, he also denied her. He said about her in one of his interviews that, all the rumours were false. I didn’t date either Bunmi or Bisi. i love Bisi’s movies; i am just one of her fans.
Actress Bisi ibidapo-Obe

His search for ‘crazy’ woman continues...

In all these, one begin to wonder why ruggedman is yet to find love at age 44? But he disclosed to a friend who later became my source that, he has introduced one of his girlfriends to the public before, but that it backfires. He said; "I have done that before with my ex-girlfriend but it was a big mistake because immediately people knew (journalists in particular) they started writing things about me and her. So, they created a lot of problem for outr relationship."

Actress Bunmi Nelson

Although ruggedman said he is a detribalised nigeria when it comes to a woman to marry, but he said for him to be attracted to any woman she has to be a ‘crazy’ one.

He said, "For me to be attracted to any woman, she has to be crazy because I am also crazy. She must be down to earth because I don’t like people that carry themselves too high. Those that pretend as if they are holy. More importantly, my type of woman must know how to cook egusi soup because that’s my best soup."

So, in case you fit in to ruggedman’s specifications, here you have it.

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