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"I See Bobrisky Going Into The Theater But Not Coming Back Alive Unless..." Nigerian Prophet Reveals ~Omonaijablog

The General Overseer Of Divine Fountain Prophetic Gospel Center, Kano State, Nigeria, Prophet Emmanuel Ameh Ejembi, has prophesied that popular Nigerian transgender, Bobrisky may die if he/she attempts surgery in 2021.

Mostly known as God's Oracle, Prophet Emmanuel Ameh, today on his Facebook page said, "Bobrisky should be careful, not to go for any kind of surgical operation! 
God is not happy with you!
I see he/she going  into the theater but not coming back alive
Seek the face of God before any surgical operation!"
Prophet Emmanuel trended earlier this year when he prophesied that the North will retain power beyond 2023 no matter the strategy other regions may adopt.

He also said Junior Military Officers will be killing the Generals in Nigeria, while also maintaining that the only candidate who can win the 2023 Presidential General elections for the ruling All Progresssive Congress, APC, is Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-rufai.

He was also quoted to have said he is hearing 'revolution' in Nigeria unless proactive measures are taken in other to forestall it.

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  1. This man's Prophesy is always accurate since over seven years have been following him.... My advice is let him no go for operation

  2. Have always have this taught in me that this guy will soon die ..
    Operation again?

  3. Anty listen now the better for you.
    This Prophesy sweet me die

  4. Jesus Christ have mercy
    And give him or her another chance.
    The prophet Emmanuel I have known right from when I was in Abuja is Prophetic is very hurt and accurate

  5. My father my father
    My own very God's oracle have spoken
    More grace my spiritual father

  6. I celebrate grace sir
    More grace........I believe your prophecies

  7. Powerfully
    I love this

  8. He has been abusing God's grace
    It's time for she, her to die. Let prove to him, her that he God is the almighty God

  9. Thank you Jesus for this great news

  10. His prophecies are always accurate,madam/Oh Bobrisky,you better listen to the voice of God

  11. He should forget about mundane things and focus on more spiritual matters.

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