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Evil: 3 Nigerians Who Were Used For Money Ritual By Their Own Father (Photos)

It is so sad to see that the quest for wealth has led some people into doing evil things that had led to the death of their loved ones. A lot of people have lost their lives in the quest of making quick money, but what they don't know is that most things in this world are “vanity upon vanity”.

These innocent children were used by their own father for money rituals. Only God knows what these kids would have become tomorrow, but now some of them are lying six feet under the ground. Checkout three Nigerian children who were used by their own father for money rituals.


Taiwo Daramola

Taiwo was a beautiful young girl but unfortunately she was used for money rituals by her own father. According to reports her father made several attempts to sleep with her, and sometimes he succeeded in forcing himself on her. Taiwo knows that what her father was doing to her is wrong, and tried to speak up but her father warned her not to do so, it was at the point of death that she revealed what transpired between her and her father.

According to reports Taiwo got ill in January when she fainted at home, her family rushed her to the hospital and they were told that she needed blood urgently. She spent over one month in the hospital and her father never visited her, rather he was flirting with ladies. When her mother saw that Taiwo was not recovering, she took her to different churches for deliverance and all the churches said that her father used her for money rituals. Taiwo finally died at the age of 18.


Abuchi Enweaso

Abuchi's story is very touching because according to him his brother and father cut off his two hands in a bid to make money. Abuchi narrowly escaped from his brother and father before narrating his ordeals. According to him the issues between him and his father started when his father accused him of stealing his property, he said he denied stealing the properties but his father who didn't believe him tied him with a chain. Few days later his father and elder brother lured him into the bush and tortured him, he said they cut off his hands and even stabbed his eye with needle before they dragged him back home and tied him at the backyard, he said he heard his father and elder brother planning to poison him to death and sell his body parts to buyers, who had already indicated interest and he raised an alarm and escaped. Abuchi's incident took place in Egbengwu village, Nimo in Njikoka LGA in Anambra.


Onyeka Peter

On February 8 in the year 2011, in the evening around 4: 39, Peter whose father is named Onyeka Okoh invited him to an hotel known as Royal Garding which is located in Udomi Agbor to have dinner with him. Luckily the boy told some people that he was going to meet his father, after Peter left he never came back and everyone got worried, his father was asked about the whereabouts of the boy but he said he did not see him but he will look for him. Peter's body was later found and he had injuries in four places on his lap. The case was investigated by the police and it was later revealed that his father used him for money rituals in a fraternity known as Ogboni fraternity.
It is very painful to see that these children were harmed by their own father all because of wealth. We pray for the deceased to continue to rest in peace.

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