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Apostle Suleman's Covid-19 Loan From US Government: The True Story ~Omonaijablog

Apostle Johnson Suleiman and Pre. Donald Trump

President of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide Apostle Johnson Suleman has denied ever receiving a Covid-19 loan from the US government.

A US-based writer Michael Harriot had posted a screenshot on Twitter containing a list of several preachers who allegedly benefited from the US government’s loan to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Popular American cleric TD Jakes was included in the list and alleged to have collected over $2.5 million.

Suleman was alleged to have received a sum of $188,252 (N90.3 million) from the US government.

However, responding to the allegation on Tuesday, Suleman said he did not receive any money from anyone as coronavirus loan.

“Just seeing this dime it kobo got to me..if someone scammed you then that’s your business. Get my name out of this rubbish or you will explain,” he wrote.

The charismatic preacher said he had instructed the head of his church in the US to investigate the allegation.

“To see that people are commenting is so pedestrian..Lol..I never collect loan for Africa,na America?..I have instructed our National pastor in America investigate it,” said Suleman.

ENTERTAINMENTHow Fuji Star Pasuma “Produced” Two Of The Biggest Musicians In Oyo State But Ended Up A Major LoserPublished 23 hours ago on December 22, 2020By Society Now
Eniola Adeniyi

It is confirmed.

Two of the biggest musicians in Oyo state are offshoots of the mastery of popular Fuji musician Wasiu Alabi Odetola better known as Pasuma. gathered that the musicians based in Oyo state gained fame replicating the style of Pasuma.

One of them even started by taking Pasuma’s identity!

The musicians are immensely popular Taiye Currency and street favorite Tiri Leather.

Taye Currency – the father of the youngest state lawmaker in Oyo state – started as Taye Paso (abbreviated form of Pasuma).

He dropped Paso and added Currency after he became known.

Taiye Currency gathered that the rivalry over who is the better version of Pasuma tremendously helped the careers of Tiri Leatherl and Taiye Currency.

“They became immensely popular in trying to outdo each other but all that is now in the past…they are both masters in their own spaces trying to fashion out individual identities and relate accordingly ‘’ learned.

Insiders, however, revealed while Leather and Currency profited immensely from their career moves, Pasuma ended up a huge loser.

“Aside from those familiar with the history and those that can decipher the influence of Pasuma’s style in their deliveries their connections to the Lagos-based musician have virtually been blotted out” learned.

Tiri Leather
Pasuma does not get any credit as the progenitor and is regarded as just another senior musician.

“Rather there is an undercurrent that points a cold war over influence and respect” learned.

According to pieces of information available, Pasuma laid the foundation for what is happening.

“He didn’t bring them close and compete against them like he would every other person. There are talks of blocked opportunities, sidelining while trying to force respect down throats. And claims of divide and rule, pitching one against the other in desperate attempts to retain the upper hand. All the divisive plots worked for a short spell but tainted what should have turned out a fantastic legacy” learned.

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