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Mountain of Fire Ministry: Maureen Badejo Exposed Again ~Omonaijablog

There is a saying that goes,” a drowning person grabs everything his or her hand touches along with it”, and this is exactly what is happening to this woman called Maureen Badejo.

On the latest rounds of allegations propelled by the marine agent Maureen on her blog, we are here again to speak the truth and ask reasonable questions. Remember I said from the very beginning that as far as this woman with unbridled tongue keeps talking about MFM and Dr D.k Olukoya, we won’t stop investigating the truth

Lately, she claimed that one of her callers cried out that Olukoya sexually harassed her, and in her usual vague and unfounded ways of putting up fabricated lies , this is rather comical and laughable as for her description of the act were totally preposterous. Below is the allegation as copied from her blog:

The former staff explained how she has been in the church for years and her husband is a Christ Apostolic Church, CAC, pastor and she worked at the bookshop department from Calabar, Cross River, Ilorin, Kwara, Mowe, Ogun and Lagos states respectively.

She narrated how she was invited several times by the General Overseer in Lagos who began to make sexual advances to her but she rejected it. She said on one occasion he grabbed her wanting to have carnal knowledge with her but she pushed him away and told him she is not interested. Olukoya was angered by her reaction, walked her out and sacked her because she refused to cooperate.

First of all, the identity of the so called accuser was never revealed, WE WOULD LIKE MAUREEN TO REVEAL THE IDENTITY OF THE LADY, PRESENT THE COPY OF THE SACK LATER SIGNED BY MFM AUTHORITY AND GIVE US THE DATES THAT THESE HAPPENINGS TRANSPIRED. For the records, MFM DO NOT HAVE BOOKS DEPARTMENT IN CALABAR CROSS RIVER, ILORIN- KWARA, with any female employee with such pedigree working for the ministry.

The people that has been working for MFM BOOKS DEPARTMENT, that have access to the General Overseer are still very much active, and matters of BOOKS DEPARMENT are STRICTLY handled by the press management board, whom are yet to reconcile with this IMAGINARY PERSON the GENERAL OVERSEER SACKED because such ONUS and decision rest on the board .

For your information, it could take months and even years to get an appointment with the General Overseer none the less HAVE MULTIPLE INVITATIONS that will lead to such proximity OF SEXUAL HARRASMENT.

The purported lies above practically shows that Maureen and her cohorts have no idea how the GENERAL OVERSEER’s OFFICE OPERATES.  it’s an open door policy system were by if you get an appointment , it’s a clear way, till it gets to your turn. It’s always a room filled with people , engaged with different activities, prayers, people slayed by the power of the Holy Ghost lying everywhere , those manifesting, screaming ,vomiting and all sort, with meetings of different kinds going on with people from all works of life. There is no hidden chamber or closed door operation in the GO's counselling office. SO, WHERE AND HOW COULD SOMEBODY BE SEXUALLY HARRASED in such a place?
Another loop from the blog states that the lady in question put a call through to Dr Olukoya’s wife,

Dr. Olukoya’s wife, shade has been away in the UK for two years now and she said she had reported Olukoya to his wife telling her of the alleged nefarious activities being perpetuated by his husband in Nigeria.

From our investigation, we found out that no such call was received by the wife of the General Overseer and bet that none was made because this whole story is a fabrication of lies from the pit of hell. The person described in her self-entertaining story of sexual harassment is not the person and character of Dr Olukoya and can never be.

As you all know in my earlier publication, her case is in court and she is in for what she cannot chew. She keeps talking about the Uk board of trustees with abysmal ignorance, well she will soon find out how uninformed she is, with the statements below ACCUSATION , DEFAMATION , CHARACTER ASSASINATION AND LIBELOUS...

"Dr. Olukoya has been in the news for various alleged financial frauds and other sexual abuses both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom and is currently being investigated by the UK’s Charity Commission for over £2m fraud. The UK commission had earlier indicted and sacked the MFM’s Trustees in August 2020 and appointing interim managers, Adam Stephens of Smith and Williamson".

The statements above  proves that Maureen is just nothing but a nonentity looking for fame and fortune and  through her self-acclaimed expositions programs, she is completely oblivious of facts and have no idea what the true state of the matter is. From our findings, we ve realised that everything about the charity commission matter as presented by Maureen are fallacies because the UK government did not sack the trustees , the interim manager came on board in August 2019 and the trustees are still there working with him.

For the issue of 2m pounds fraud we think Maureen is in the best position to answer that because there is no such allegation under Dr Olukoya’s name

This born liar and manipulator Maureen and her cohorts are preying on vulnerable women like Debbie who is mentally and psychologically imbalance and a drunk, to destroy themselves further by presenting themselves as vessel to be used to tarnish a man of pedigree and humility one whose charity and benevolence has gone beyond borders and across continents

This is just another pursuit of attention and a fabrication that has no basis from the stables of Maureen. But time will tell Maureen, when the last gavel lands with a judgement that will put her where she belong for good.


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  1. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the church of God.