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How To Overcome Conflicts in Marriage: With Pastor Amaka Harrison Aghanenu

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Life coach and ordained marriage counsellor, Pastor Mrs. Amaka Harrison Aghanenu is one woman that has been called by God to settle homes, build marriages, solidify relationships and make homes joyful. In these series, she explored how to overcome conflicts in marriage.
Most divorced cases result from unresolved conflicts, marriage is God’s idea for every man and woman to experience pleasure and be fruitfulness(Genesis 2vs 18 & 24)
God did not institute it for pain or bitterness

Sometimes conflicts provides an opportunity for couples to share differences and make amendments

Do away with anger and resentment, forgive easily. Discuss whatever the problem is with your partner and let go of the problem. If you found it hard to do, tell God to help you and you will surely overcome.
To be continued…

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