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Behold The Most Unhappy Country In The World! ~Omonaijablog

You probably might be wondering how can a country be rated as the most unhappy. What are the parameters for such ratings? How could such a place exist on earth?
Are there really people living there and why are they still there if they do?

Even with these mirage of questions, there truly existed a country with the most unpeople in the world. Millions of people are living there and there is a government in place there as well.G

Greenland have been identified as the bleakest place on Earth.


There is only 1 person for every 10 miles in Greenland. In most places in Greenland, you are utterly, unbearably alone, surrounded by nothing but snow and wind and cold.

How is the situation like?

From mid-November to January, there are only 3 to 4 hours of daylight. The rest of the time is spent in complete darkness.


These conditions lead to the highest suicide rates in the world. 83 out of every 100000 people in Greenland commit suicide each year.

The 2nd highest suicide rates?

Lithuania, where 36.7 out of every 100000 commit suicide every year…

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  1. Greenland is barely inhabitable because of unfavourable climatic conditions.