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5 Ways Young Nigerians on Twitter Show How MTN Nigeria Got Them ~Omonaijablog

... #AsSeenOnTwitter: How Nigerians Feel About MTN

A lot has happened recently gearing conversations on social media.  The Global customer service week was also a source of conversation as someNigerians recount their experience with favourite brands.  MTN has been with us everywhere we go and here are our top five takes from their customers.
1.  Team Souvenir as Fashion: I bet you all can remember this wallet, right??? It was part of our fashion swag back then. If you didn’t have it ehn, your peers did not rate you.
2.  The Ones Who Found Love at Midnight: How many of you remembered how free midnight calls between 12am to 5am helped you get your first girlfriend while in secondary school or university? I am sure you all can remember how that midnight call package helped to water the heart of the girl you were trying to scope those days, right? Well, all thanks to MTN for helping those people in a long-distance relationship because the network got us that year.
3.  Buy Now Pay Later Squad: How many of us have been stranded in the past because we either could not buy credit from that woman under her MTN-branded umbrella or because our bank app was messing up? Omo! I’m sure you can’t deny that MTN *606# was your first option.
4.  Everyday is for throwbacks: I’m sure we all can remember the creative adverts of MTN brand ambassadors yeah??? The days of Saka singing “I Don Port o” and the days Wizkid jumping on MTN’s adverts left us singing along. You may want to revive the memory by clicking the link below.

5.  We love our freebies: During the heat of the pandemic, MTN came through with double data and free SMS packages for every customer. We can’t forget how those freebies helped us reconnect and stay connected to what matters during that unforeseen period. 

Customers are vital to any brand and we will continue to appreciate organisations like MTN who find ways to make our customers’ lives brighter. Join the conversation on Twitter with #MTNGotYou and perhaps we can recreate some of the fond memories.

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