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Onesoul, Eyewitness Of Lekki Shooting Claims He Never Saw Dead Bodies But... ~Omonaijablog

Onesoul, eyewitness of Lekki shooting claims he never saw dead bodies
A Nigerian man identified as Onesoul has alleged that there were no dead bodies in the Tuesday shootout in Lekki, Lagos.

Ideh Chukwuma aka Onesoul who claims to be an eyewitness has revealed that he did not see anyone that was shot dead at Lekki Tollgate.
According to Onesoul in an interview with PremiumTimes, he was among those at the forefront of the Lekki toll gate protests in Lagos.

When asked to describe what he saw on Tuesday night, Onesoul said;
“What I will say is, I have been hearing people say “Lekki massacre, Lekki massacre.”
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Continue reading what he said;

“I have to be honest with you if you Google the term “massacre,” massacre is a situation where a group of people were being killed by rebels or the military and going by that particular point.

I would have been able to tell you that I saw a lot of dead bodies, this is how they killed them; there were a lot of dead bodies and so it was a massacre.

However, from the time I came, I didn’t see any dead bodies but I can certainly tell you that there was a shooting, an unauthorized shooting.

I will call it a raid, I will call it to assault.

In fact, I am going to term it assault and raid.

That is what I would use.

It was an assault and I may be wrong but because I didn’t see those bodies, and I have not seen a family member that has come to cry and say one two or three persons have died.”

Onesoul (Middle) alongside two injured Lekki shooting survivors. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Onesoul did not stop there, he went on to acknowledge that DJ Switch was in the best position to give a detailed account of the Lekki shooting that took place on Tuesday, October 23.
1st News published Switch’s revelation on Friday, October 23.

He continued;

“If DJ Switch had seen that, she’s in the best position to say that because she was there.

I cannot say she’s wrong. I was out of that circle.

Indeed, I was a few meters away.

They were at the toll gate and I was a few meters away from them.

I wasn’t there, I was at Lekki Phase 1.

I can’t tell you what the military’s approach to their arrival was.

So, I wouldn’t be able to tell you that they shot one, two, three, four, or five people.

However, I can certainly tell you that I took a lot of gunshot victims to the hospital.”

Onesoul went on to confirm that several protesters sustained injuries on that day.

Continue reading what he said;

“If I took about 13 people to the hospital myself, minus the ones that the government confirmed that were injured, he said about thirty, that is forty-something; DJ Switch might not be wrong.

I took 13 to the hospital.

So, if DJ Switch said she saw 15 dead people, by her own records, because she was there so she can speak on that part.

I can’t speak on that.”

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