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Nigerian Teen Rapper, M2, Set To Take Over London By Storm ~Omonaijablog

New sensation, M2, is arguably the best new revelation from North West London.
An urban Hip Hop, Drill and Uk Wave rapper, M2 is now following the steps of UK artists like K-trap , Kilo Jugg , Loski and other great American rappers. Now with a demo, M2 Reload In this exclusive interview, M2 narrates how it all started...

Who is M2?

M2 is a an upcoming urban rapper coming from North West London.

At what point did you discover you can rap?

I discovered I could rap in 2016. I use to spit bars with my friends in school at break time.

What genre of music do you do?

Hip Hop, Drill and Uk Wave.

Knowing that rap music is not getting the necessary hype it should get in Nigeria again, how do you plan to be a successful rapper?

Well I live in London and the hype for rap here is quite major so I plan on getting myself recognised in the industry here first before thinking about other countries.

How are you able to cope with schooling and your music career?

It’s all about balance , studies comes first. When assignments have been completed and I feel like I’m in a comfortable position with my studies I hit the studio and get working.

Do you have any support from your parents?

I have more than enough support from my parents , they’re very engaged when it comes to my music, they try their best to promote my songs and get it out there.

Who influenced your choice of music?

UK artists like K-trap , Kilo Jugg , Loski and more.

Are you planning to push this new found passion to a recognizable position?

100% , I have big plans in motion already.

Who is your role model?

Has to be my parents every time but if you mean role model in music it’s K-Trap , he sends a message in his songs basically saying focus on yourself don’t worry about others and just keep it real.

What plan do you have for yourself?

As of now I plan on getting my University degree to become an investment banker but if music works out I’ll be a full time rapper.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Either selling out shows or working at a high position in an investment banking firm.

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